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Actors - How to best use social media properly

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Thank You For Sharing…Or Not

The way we watch our entertainment has changes very rapidly. The popularity of streaming services, vines and various on-line content has become the main way Americans get their entertainment. To that end, having some sort of on-line presence is also the new normal. Many actors use new media, blogging every detail of the acting process. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear of someone being cast based on the number of followers they have on instagram.



So the question becomes how to best use social media properly, and to your advantage? Here are some suggestions:

Don’t “check-in” at auditions –This is a rookie move. The world does not need to know what you are auditioning for, but more importantly the production or casting office may not want the world privy to their goings on. To that end don’t post and re-cap your audition. The professional thing is to call your reps and let them know how it went. Not sure how posting helps you get a job…if that’s your intended goal.

Wait not yet: So excited that you got the job? Wait don’t post it yet. Check with your reps, who will in turn check with production who will at somepoint be happy (depending on the production) for you to help promote the show. Maybe just not straight away. Side note: I have had a handful of calls from studios asking me to have a client stop posting about a project.

Be Aware: Most projects have social media departments, with specific teams that monitor the show’s social media presence.

Self-promotion: If you are serious about your career, you have to take into account what purpose your on-line presence serves. Over posting the details of every audition or bragging to your friends/family isn’t self promoting.

Do: Follow casting directors, producers and actors on twitter. You may receive some good advice.

Do Not: Harass or annoy said people online. Ultimately your talent is what gets you the job, not a Twitter follow.

Use social media to your advantage. Eventually you can share all of your news but be smart, be in touch with your reps and accept their guidance. Think before you share.

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