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DON’T WANT AN AGENT OR MANAGER? Do these things in a meeting.

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DON’T WANT AN AGENT OR MANAGER? Do these things in a meeting.

I was just asked about red flags that we reps look for when we are meeting with potential new clients.

As I get asked these questions, it's interesting because it's not things we go around discussing or give a lot of thought to, but asking a few other reps. we were pretty unanimous about the following.

A)  Stay positive in your meeting with a potential new representative. No one wants to work with someone who starts the relationship in a negative space. Your first impression needs to be your best. Additionally, if you are complaining the agent/manager is thinking “Is this a person I want to talk to everyday?” or worse “Will they do the same thing happen when I send them on general meetings with casting directors or producers?” If you are in a blue mood, either get over it or re-schedule.

B)  Take responsibility. Do not blame your agent or others for where you are or aren’t in your career. We often hear that the current or previous rep is not “getting them in the room” or “isn’t working hard” for them. Even if it is true, this is a red flag for the potential new rep. We all ask the question, it's up to you to take the higher road and come up with an answer doesn’t place the blame fully on someone else’s shoulders.

C) TMi.  Over sharing is a no no. No one, especially in first meetings, needs to hear the minutia of your day; what you ate for breakfast, your recent break-up, etc. Droning on about something makes them lose focus on the matter at hand; you are a committed and talented actor that will make them look smart for repping you.

Case in point. I recently met with a lovely actor who on paper was a great actor and a perfect fit for my company. I was very excited for the meeting. On the day the actor did #2 of the 3 (as well as a not mentioned 4th – BE ON TIME) of the above things and it quickly made my enthusiasm wane, I could not wait for the meeting to be over. I last heard they were still looking.

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