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“How come I am not getting hired?”

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“How come I am not getting hired?”

There is no one answer to this question.

Getting an acting job is based on so many variables; talent, representation, timing, looks, luck and politics to name a few.

While the majority is out of your control, here are some things you can do to better your chances.

- Being as prepared as possible is a given. (I think I work this into every post.) Be courteous to the staff in the office, even that snarky assistant. Co-workers will talk amongst themselves.

- Bring a unique take of the character. If the casting director seems bored, they probably are. They have been listening to the same lines all day. So change it up a bit (Not the lines, please don’t change the lines!). Do something that makes them look up from their paper.

- I personally am a huge opponent of wearing a costume to an audition. Try to dress so they can imagine you in the role, but don’t go in full pirate attire. While the commitment is appreciated, most of the time it is a distraction to your acting.

- Being able to take direction is key. Often you will get direction that is not in keeping with your idea of the character or more often what is written on the page. Instead of debating, listen, take the adjustment and execute to the best of your ability. Actors get thrown odd directions all the time, sometimes they just want to see it a different way. The audition room is not the place to have the debate.

As always, keep moving forward.


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