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Getting feedback after an audition can be great and useful to actors especially ones just starting out.

However, more times than not, as a rep when I ask for feedback, I get general responses such as “they aren’t right” or “just not the role” to the "we are going a different way.” Is that helpful to you for your next audition? Not really. What is helpful is to know if that casting person would be interested in bringing you in again for another project or role at some point. It is not always about getting a specific role. It’s more important to build a good relationship with the casting director or whomever you are meeting. Always be professional, be polite, be friendly, be good. (I think that will be my new mantra.)

listen smile do the fuck what you want

Performing is not only very personal it is highly subjective. If you get negative feedback try and take it with a grain of salt. It is not the end-all-be-all of your career. Perhaps the CD didn’t understand your choices or maybe you just were off. No matter the situation, if it is not constructive criticism, meaning something you can learn from and make adjustments…let it go.

Q & A

Q: I live in Texas and do a lot of industrial and local work. I am thinking of moving to Los Angeles to take my career to the next level. Any advice?

A: I admire your willingness to jump in with both feet. Pick up and moving to a new location is always a brave choice. I suggest doing a test run for a month or two prior to committing totally. Start by building the necessary connections and relationships as, ideally, you want to have good representation in place when you make the big move.

Q: I work a lot on non-union projects. I am told that I should be going up for more TV and film roles which are mainly union. If I make that jump I can’t do the jobs that currently keep me busy. What should I do?

A: Ugh. It IS a tricky situation. The union does tie your hands when it comes to non-union employment once you become a member. In my opinion, it is difficult to sustain a career in the non-union world. It is great to build your demo reel and hone your on-camera skills. And while I have a laundry list of issues with SAG/AFTRA, at some point if you want to grow your career you will have to bite the bullet and make the move.

Kesha Williams

Kesha Williams Talent Manager www.nohoartsdistrict.comKesha Williams, a talent manager for more than 15 years, operates a boutique management company that focuses on TV and Film actors.

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Kesha Williams

Kesha Williams, a talent manager for more than 15 years, operates a boutique management company that focuses on TV and Film talent.

For more information or questions you would like answered here visit: www.theactorsadvisor.com  or email.


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