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Ask a Talent Manager - New NoHo Series!

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Pilot Season... Let’s start at the beginning.

Hey NoHo! This is a preview of a new blog from a North Hollywood Talent Manager Kesha Williams. If you have any questions you’d like her to answer for her next post, drop her an email

Pilot season is the time of year where networks pick up and start the casting process for potential series for the upcoming season. Pilot season typically ramps up end January until around the beginning of April. During this time each network (CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.) greenlight 20+ pilots (initial episode of a new series) that need to be cast, crewed, shot and edited by the beginning of May. The final product is then sent to the networks and they decide what we will be watching for the coming year. It’s a lot of decisions to made over a ridiculously small amount of time and it is very frantic on all fronts.

What does this mean for you...the actor? Here are a couple of Do's and Don’ts for navigating pilot season from a manager’s perspective.


-Be Prepared- Be off book as much as possible. We all roll our eyes when 7 pages come in at 7pm for a meeting at 11am the next day. Just do your best.

-Be Professional- Be on time, be polite, and BE GOOD. Try to be your natural charming self, not the person you think they want. Have hard copies of your pic and res on hand-many offices don't ask for them anymore-but have some on hand just in case.

-Manage Expectations- No matter how perfect for a role you are, odds are that you are not going to get it. Its a tough slog this business of show, keep your eye on your long term goals and don't get too hung up about one audition.


-Take It Personally- There is so much rejection in this business. What happens after your audition is out of your control, try to compartmentalize.

-Compare Yourself To Others- I always tell clients to keep your eyes on your own paper. Work on the progression of your own career, everyone has their own path.

-Get Down- Or at the very least don’t stay there too long. Every actor at every level has self-doubt, but if it sits with you too long it shows in your me.

While pilot season is an unusually intense time, I hope that keeping some of my Do’s and Don’ts in the back of your mind help you navigate this busy time of year.

Kesha Williams Talent Manager www.nohoartsdistrict.comKesha Williams, a talent manager for more than 15 years, operates a boutique management company that focuses on TV and Film actors.

Her company is currently offering a consultation service for those looking for guidance in furthering their acting career. For more info visit: or email.

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Kesha Williams

Kesha Williams, a talent manager for more than 15 years, operates a boutique management company that focuses on TV and Film talent.

For more information or questions you would like answered here visit:  or email.

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