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Mark your calendar - BH Art Show lovers!

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The fall edition of The Beverly Hills Art Show will be held October 20 & 21, 2012 from 10 am to 5 pm. The free show features art by 250 exhibitors from around the nation, who showcase their work in painting, sculpture, watercolor, photography, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, drawings and printmaking.

Held each May and October for nearly forty years, the Art Show is one of the most popular art events on the west coast.

For additional information
call (310) 285-6830.
Videos by independent filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson highlight artists at the most recent shows.

Toluca Lake Pumpkin Festival-Haunted Maze-Petting Zoo-Coupon


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The Republicans flipped out when they heard that the Democrats didn’t include the word “God” in their convention’s platform, even though all of the values set forth in the Democratic platform reflect the teachings of Christ; Feed the poor, look out for the weakest, get the money changers out of the temple, take care of the sick, love your neighbor, etc. The Republicans are always very careful, on the other hand, to use the word “God” a lot. A lot. God may have been written into their platform, but they use the word in name only. The rest of the their platform isn’t Godlike at all. The word “hate” wasn’t written into the Republican platform either, but their ideas and principles certainly reflect it.

Comikaze, held at the LA Convention Center September 15 and 16, was outrageously mobbed beyond anyone’s expectations.

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NoHo Has Parking And It's Affordable!

For Companies Looking for a Parking Solution, NoHo Parking Services, Inc. has your answer!

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The Kansas City BBQ & Sports Bar offers an authentic, Midwestern dining experience and a great place to watch the big game and have a cold beer.

Our Menu:

Genuine hickory wood is imported from Oklahoma and meats are brought in fresh from the finest ranches in Wyoming, Nebraska and California.

Meats are treated to an exclusive blend of spices then smoked for 20 hours to tender perfection.

A meat lover's paradise...ribs, chicken, pork, brisket, hot links. The desserts are great, too....Only in NoHo can you get a "Deep Fried Pop Tart."

Besides great "Home Cooking," enjoy our Sports Bar Over 70 beers and to choose from around the world! Enjoy a game on our LCD screens throughout the bar area. Happy Hour Specials 4pm-7pm Monday- Friday!

Give this place a try! You won't be disappointed!

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The Kansas City BBQ & Sports Bar
10863 Magnolia Blvd. (cross street Vineland)
North Hollywood, California 91601


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John Hillcoat’s Lawless purports to tell the story of the resilient Bondurant brothers who sold moonshine in Virginia during the 1930s  and allegedly achieved some degree of legendary stature…at least in the eyes of Matt Bondurant, the relative who wrote the book (The Wettest County in the World) on which the film (written by Nick Cave) is based.

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Health >> How to get rid of Muffin Tops

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Does your flab spill over the waistband of your pants? That unwanted overhanging fat can occur with low rise pants and midriff tops, but can happen anytime you wear a pair of tight pants. It ends up resembling a muffin rising from its paper wrapping. It can be your back fat, stomach fat, love handles or all of them!

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