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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 10:22

An interview with singer and songwriter MATT SUCICH

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MATT SUCICH is just too hot to handle. His vocals flow like a summer breeze, and his songwriting is as pure and poetic as James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot & Paul Simon! 

I met Matt back in 2012 at Austin's SXSW music and film festival extravaganza. I was a DJ at the gay country western dance club Rusty's Austin (Sadly, the club closed its doors permanently right after the SXSW festival. Laura Votaw, one of the club's owners, passed away in 2016. The building remains shuttered). That specific week, the club turned into a 'who's-who' of music genres and local and international Artists: Rock, Pop, Country, Acoustic, Latin, Folk, Rock-a-Billy and many other sub-formats.  

Matt Sucich introduced himself to me and I remember how personable he came across. Genuine. When he sang, he sang with authenticity. From his heart and soul. His facial expressions said it all. He lost himself in his words, forgetting the standing room only audience that surrounded him. You could've heard a pin drop when he closed his set... then the roar of applause...  


Waide- Where are you originally from, Matt? 

Matt- I'm from Astoria, Queens in New York. A New York lifer! 

Waide- New York City is always sexy! What is your goal with your career?  

Matt- I think the goal is always changing. Whether it's reaching a new audience, booking a big show, or getting a certain level of exposure via licensing... the benchmarks always get reached and then you look for whatever's next. I suppose in the longer term... I'm always just looking for a certain level of listenership... so that when the next song comes, there will be someone to play it for.  

Waide- What do you want to accomplish as an artist? 

Matt- I'd like to leave a body of work that shows growth and encourages that. These days too many people erase their pasts to display this persona that seems to be an "out of the blue" success to make themselves more attractive. Whatever works for you, I guess... The last thing I'll do is knock someone for how they work. I'm just a believer in showing your work.  

matt sucich 2

Waide- You've got a couple of dates set for Southern California, what are the dates & where? 

Matt- I'll be at Standing Sun Winery ( in Buellton on Friday, June 23rd, and Hotel Cafe ( in Hollywood on Saturday, June 24th. 

Waide- What is your favorite color? 

Matt- Oh, that depends... I go from sea green to blue pretty often. I also like a light shade of brown. 

Waide- What is your favorite song (Happy Place Song)? Band? 

Matt- Also depends... When we start getting into favorite band territory, I'm just going to end up rattling off the same old classics we're used to hearing about. But, I'm also always listening to current artists,' and at the time of this interview, I'm on a beach in Hawaii, and I've been revisiting Rayland Baxter's records a lot. Now that the seasons are changing, I start gravitating to stuff that reminds me of spring/summer. Side 2 of Ray LaMontagne's "Ouroboros" is incredible, and I'm also excited for a lot of new stuff that's been trickling out lately. The new Laura Marling, Blake Mills, Dawes, and the new Dan Auerbach have all been on heavy rotation as well. 

Waide- When you're in your car, what artist do you like to jam-out to?  

Matt-  ...Though... in the right circumstances... the nostalgia trips are always fun and I've been known to get lost down a Peter Cetera rabbit hole. 

Waide- I love Peter Cetera! What's your favorite movie?

Matt"Cast Away" does it for me on a lot of levels. So much metaphor. I'm also a sucker for "Sleepless in Seattle"...  Apparently, I LOVE Tom Hanks.  

Waide- What's there not to love? Everyone loves Tom Hanks! What's your favorite book?

Matt"Here, There, and Everywhere" by Geoff Emerick. Reading his account of recording The Beatles from beginning to end is jaw dropping... and I recommend listening along to the records as he goes.  

Waide- Thank you, Matt! It's been a pleasure.  

matt sucich 1

 MATT SUCICH can be found online at 

Music can be streamed on Spotify: 


*Special Note"Montauk" is Matt's most popular track. "Fire on Bowery / After the Fire" is his latest release; an acoustic version of "Fire on Bowery" is available on Spotify now. 

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Waide Aaron Riddle

Waide Aaron Riddle is a native Texan. He is an award-winning poet, writer, screenwriter & hairstylist.

In 2017, his feature comedy-musical screenplay, "Dear Tom Hardy: I love you," won five Gold Awards, seven Finalist Achievements & seven Official Selections.

His short script, "THE WEB," placed TOP 100 Semi-Finalist at Sundance Film Festival 2016 and Winner Best Short Script/Thriller at Film Fest L.A. Live 2017.

In addition, Waide's short scripts, "WICKED WILLOWS" & "Midnight on 6th Street" also Won their divisions at Film Fest L.A. Live 2017.

For fun, Mr. Riddle collects Ryan Gosling pictures. You can Like his FB page Ryan Gosling: The Most Handsome Conglomerate in The World!

Follow Waide:

Twitter @WaideRiddle

Instagram #waideriddle

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