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I love our local Laemmele here in NoHo. It often seems empty though and I'd like to share my local perspective to get more folks in the door.
1) Paying for parking. When all 3 AMCs in Burbank offer free parking, it makes folks think twice about which theater to go to. Plus the $2 validated ticket only lasts 3.5 hours. I feel rushed and cannot enjoy a meal or drink before or after the movie. Laemmle is basically the only legit theater in the area that serves Studio City, Valley Village, NoHo, Toluca Lake and West Burbank. Those folks (outside of NoHo) are going to drive.
2) Theatre #4 needs to go. Sorry, it's just too small and feels like a waste of money. I recommend consolidating it with theatre #5 and making it into a grand theater for the blockbuster films. Theaters 1&2 are decent sizes but still dwarfed by AMC. Just 1 like this. I know it's not easy and will take a capital investment, but it will be worth it in the long run. Quality over Quantity. I'm fine with NoHo 6.