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While some have been waiting for the screen version of Wicked, I guess we’ll have to make do with the anticipated adaptation of Into the Woods. With a beautiful score by Stephen Sondheim and well-crafted screenplay by James Lapine (adapting his own “book”), Into the Woods approaches a beloved story (or two) in a different manner.

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James Franco, Scott Haze, Ahna O'Reilly turn iconic movie moments on their head in AOL’s genre-bending, scene-melding, one-of-a-kind digital comedy “Making a Scene With James Franco” premiering Wednesday, September 17

James Franco and Scott Haze Making A Scene With James Franco

James Franco is recreating some of cinema’s most iconic moments in the 10-episode comedy Making A Scene With James Franco  premiering Wednesday, September 17 on AOL Originals. Well yes, the NoHo Arts District dot Com team is a big fan of James Franco, but we are also huge fans of Scott Haze, the owner of NoHo’s The Sherry Theater who is one of the collaborators on this digital comedy. We are proud of our North Hollywood folks and are happy to showcase their work and successes.

Born out of the his love of movies and a childhood spent acting out scenes with his brothers, “Making a Scene” features James collaborating with his creative team and fellow actors, including Scott Haze (“Child of God”) and Ahna O'Reilly (“The Help”), to produce one-of-a-kind reimaginings of classic big-screen moments. Whether it’s an irreverent twist on genre or a mash-up of two entirely different scenes, the series throws convention out the window and in the end delivers a truly unique – and always hilarious -- twist on cinematic history.

The first four installments of “Making a Scene” – all available September 17th on AOL Originals – span the big-screen spectrum, with “Dirty Dancing Dogs,” a bloody romantic blend of the timeless “Dirty Dancing” and the gritty “Reservoir Dogs”; “Here’s Jimmy,” a transformative look at horror classic “The Shining” as a feel-good rom-com; “Silent Taxi Driver,” a catchphrase-less take on the Robert De Niro fave; and “BatJuice,” a one-of-a-kind blend of exactly what you’d expect: “Batman” and “Beetlejuice.”

“Making a Scene With James Franco” is executive produced by Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis for Rabbit Bandini Productions and Eric Day, Mark Koops and Michael Mihovilovich for Trium Entertainment.

Coinciding with the September 17 launch, AOL Originals will host “James Franco Live on AOL: Making a Scene,” an interactive premiere event that will feature a first look at clips from the series, along with a real-time Q&A discussion between James Franco and both the moderator, Entertainment Weekly's Senior Writer Tim Stack, and those following along via social media. Fans, press members and everyone in virtual attendance will be invited to join the conversation by simply submitting questions and reactions online using the hashtag #AskJamesFranco.

Making a Scene with James Franco

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When thinking of Scott Haze, the indefatigable actor, writer and director- an ancillary trinity- the lyrics “no day but today” echo through my mind. Yes, it’s this call to action to live each day as if it were your last- brought to us by the Broadway mega-hit musical Rent- that really encompasses his journey thus far.

Resurrection of Hollywood Hero Sal Mineo
An Interview with Actor Val Lauren of the biopic Sal

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You’ve probably heard the name James Dean once or twice. He’s the iconic 1950’s Oscar-nominated actor, best known for his captivating performance in Rebel Without A Cause, who tragically met his death in a car accident on September 30, 1955. And even with an unusually brief career, having made only three films in as little over a year before his death, James Dean is still considered legendary due to his angst-ridden, brooding on-screen persona in Rebel Without A Cause. But one Rebel alumni whom your knowledge of is almost certainly limited, even though his career spanned three decades, earning him great success in film, theatre and music, is the twice Oscar-nominated Sal Mineo.

First the Academy Awards--tomorrow the world!  Not content with wreaking havoc with his hosting gig at the Oscars, James Franco has now set his sights—on all mankind.  In another cinematic case of man meddling in things he should have left alone, Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes casts Franco as a dedicated scientist earnestly looking to cure Alzheimer’s by testing an experimental serum on chimpanzees. While the results are questionable for humans (such as Franco’s Alzheimer’s-afflicted father John Lithgow) the serum does result in greater intelligence for the chimps, especially Caesar, who has been raised by Franco after an unfortunate earlier incident results in the killing of Caesar’s mom.  

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