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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 04:29

Hollywood Fringe - "The Naked Yogi"

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"The Naked Yogi"

"The Naked Yogi" is at the Asylum Underground Theatre, 1308 Wilton Place, Los Angeles.  June 10, 15, 17 and 22. 

"The Naked Yogi’s" RomCom submission into the Hollywood Fringe Festival is not your typical theatrical experience.  And yes, Yogi is naked and we're not talking Bo-Bo and Yogi Bear naked here. 

The show begins where we find a handsome young Indian man bathed in a warm soft light, seated cross legged in a yoga/meditation position.  The audience, quiet is encouraged by the Naked Yogi to inhale deeply and exhale ommmm.  Which of course we all did.  We are part of a class that the Naked Yogi conducts.  Before long, he is interrupted by his husband.

Okay, so here is where suspending disbelief comes along.  Yogi is a straight male in a marriage of convenience to a gay man who is a poor man's lecherous version of Jack from the wildly fabulous television show "Will and Grace."  So things in Yogi’s life are complicated, there are many, many complications.  He’s a yoga practicing, liberal, brown man living in a Trump world who falls for a sexy uptight conservative female FBI agent.  That’s right, the FBI can have sexy female agents and they all don’t look like James Comey.  If that were the case, Comey would still be in office, accept he’d be a she and her name would have been Jane.  We hear Trump likes pretty women, but I digress. 

Our main characters must overcome, cultural, political and sexual obstacles to find one another. 

Koushik, the lead and writer of this piece, is charismatic and really cute.  He brings a sense of “all-rightness” to nudity that may be offensive if done by a different actor. 

The staging was done very well, and thank you lighting tech person.  I didn’t blush once.  Tasteful with its nudity, "The Naked Yogi" addresses the clashes to opposite cultures and political views.

I recommend that you be early or on time.  They start promptly!!  (I overheard someone say they were a few minutes late and couldn’t get in.)  You’ve been warned.



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Dianne Williams

DIANNE WILLIAMS - Playwright, activist, singer, performer, and is a Fringe Festival Award winner for her play The Rise and Fall of My Breasts

A native of Massachusetts, Dianne currently lives in Southern California, where she volunteers and makes substantial time and effort contributions on behalf of humanitarian, social and charitable causes.

As a writer Dianne has completed a novel; “Out of the Dark”, as well as a collection of short stories, and plays. Dianne contributes articles to electronic magazines, and is a theatre critic for NoHo Arts District.

Dianne was a contract singer with Soul Unlimited. She toured as a solo artist performing with her own band throughout Southern California and Asia. As an actress she used her multiple talents performing in dramas and musical theatre. Dianne is developing a musical combining her passions of music and writing.

“I am grateful for every day that I am able to be of benefit to mankind, it is an honor to participate in the world of creativity.”

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