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Yachtley Crew is Southern California's first-class tribute to the best soft rock of the 70s and 80s.

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Yachtley Crew is Southern California's first-class tribute to the best soft rock of the 70s and 80s.


What exactly is "yacht rock"?  

DS:  Yacht rock is a sub-category of the highly polished brand of soft rock that emanated from Southern California during the late '70s and early '80s. The term is meant to suggest the kind of smooth, mellow music that early yuppies likely enjoyed while sipping champagne and partying on their yachts. Somewhere along the way, it was also once referred to as "west coast rock".

How did the band get started?    

DS:  In 2016, a few close friends realized how much we each liked the style and vibe of the yacht rock songs, but that no one else locally was playing these tunes at the clubs in a live format with a complete image and energetic stage presence. So, we decided to form this super-group, named it Yachtley Crew, and immediately started auditioning skilled musicians that not only could play these complicated and intricate songs, but also understood the concept of this band.
Tell me about your band members?

Philly Ocean - Lead vocals. Front man extraordinaire and Captain of this Yächtley Crëw. His voice has tamed the sea herself, leaving only jealous pirates in his wake. 

David Buoy - Percussion, vocals and on stage instigator.  Former major label recording artist, played in several other bands over his long career. Keep an eye out, or he may just make you walk the plank. 

Tommy Buoy - Lead Guitar and vocals. Standing at 6 feet 5 inches, Tommy is the smoothest giant ever to don a captain's hat.  His baritone vocals and velvety guitar solos are as cool as the ocean breeze. 

Baba Buoy - Bass guitar and vocals. Having participated in many successful touring acts throughout his historical music career,Baba's  bass playing is the wind that blows  the Crew's  sails. 

Sailor Hawkins - Drums and vocals. Sailor began his drumming career in 7th grade and shortly after graduating high school, he recorded and toured the U.S. and Europe for a number of successful major label bands. Sitting at the helm, his meticulous rhythms steer the Yachtley Crew from port to port. 

Pauly Shores - Saxophone and vocals. Holding steady at the bow, mesmerizing audiences with acrobatic leaps  from bar top to bar stool and across the stages  of SoCal while soloing all along, Pauly's  style is indicative of some of the smoothest sax lines ever played during  the 70s and 80s. 

Stoney Shores - Keyboards and vocals. Lingering at the stern, he'll tickle your fancy while tickling the keys as stage lights and the night stars twinkle in your eyes. 

What makes your band enjoyable for your audiences? 
DS:  Yachtley Crew puts on a complete show with dynamic sound, superior light show, choreographed dancing, on-stage banter,  jokes, audience participation, and a lot of other surprises we cannot even mention here in this article. Th e yacht rockstyle of music is appealing to all age groups as it is essentially the soundtrack of all our lives. 
Whether you're in your twenties or way past 100, you will be entertained every time. Check out our videos and promo material on Youtube: http://bit.ly/2gRpEsw
Where has the band played in past year?  

DS:  Recent performances include, but are not limited to: The Viper Room, The Canyon Club, Copper Blues, Bombay Bar, StillWater, Saint Rocke, Summer festivals around SoCal, and several private events (weddings, corporate functions, etc.). 
Our biggest upcoming local show is on Friday, September 8th at Borderline in Thousand Oaks, CA. If you goto www.yachtrockband.com you can buy advance tix for $10, otherwise $15 at the door.   

Also, Yachtley Crew is proud to announce our residency at the world-famous Viper Room in Hollywood starting January 2018. The band will play the first Friday of every month throughout early 2018!  

What band do you most admire? 

DS:  Toto. Their 1982 hit "Africa" is considered to be the quintessential song of all yacht rock playlists. Another pinnacle record is "Sailing" by Christopher Cross. Other pivotal artists include Steely Dan, Eagles, Little River Band, Ambrosia, Hall & Oates, plus many, many more groups and solo artists.
What will your band be doing in five years? 
DS:  We will still be trying to define what makes a song truly a "yacht rock" song and playing them live all over the world! 
What advice would you give to young bands/musicians? 
DS:  Don't be afraid to play the music you sincerely love. Chances are there's a lot of other people out there who love it too and want to hear your version. 

Don't miss the boat! Jump on board before you miss the next party cruise live at a venue near you!

Instagram: yachtley_crew

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YachtleyCrew/

YouTube: Yachtley Crew or http://bit.ly/2gRpEsw

Web: www.yachtrockband.com

Twitter: @yachtleycrew 

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  • Comment Link David S. Thursday, 14 December 2017 23:09 posted by David S.

    "If you get the chance to see these guys, take it!" - DS

    "This band is as fun and good as it gets! They play the best songs of all time and you can tell they truly love the music they're playing! Go see them, you won't be disappointed! They nail every song... so good!" - JM

  • Comment Link Stoney Shores Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:16 posted by Stoney Shores

    Did you ever see their amazing Canyon Club performance, when Peter Beckett of Player got up and sang "Baby Come Back" with them? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM_4pJf4Q3o


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