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Rover is a huge, Seattle tech company with millions in venture capital. They have signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with pet owners across the Country for alleged dog deaths, injuries and lost dogs - according to dog owners that have used them. They are being combatted online by groups starting up, such as Facebook Group: Rover Killed My Dog. A simple Google search will unearth dozens and dozens and dozens of complaints. These online pet care apps like Rover and WAG have tens of thousands of pet sitters and were just featured on our local TV news after a convicted felon was hired by an unsuspecting home owner - calling into question the veracity of heir claims of Background Checks - something professional, small business, LOCAL Pet Sitting Companies (and States who license them) have long suspected they don’t do. It takes, on average, real pet sitting companies 1-3 months to find people qualified enough to be on their care teams. Unlike these Tech Goliaths, professional pet sitting companies have talent searches, not open enrollment. In my opinion, Rover and WAG are corporate giants who care about one thing - making money - and their millions insulate them from suffering the market consequence that should result from what I believe is a terrible, irresponsible care model for pets.