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Tammy Johnston is a freelance writer with a passion for music. One of her favorite pastimes is discovering local music treasures. She looks forward to sharing them with you!

Published in LA Music Scene

Nohoartsdistrict.com is dedicated to promoting local musicians/bands.  Sarah D caught our attention!  Here is what she has to say.... 

Published in LA Music Scene

"It was surreal being there," bassist Johnny Adger says of touring Europe in 2010 with Them Crooked Vultures. "On the first night, [Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones, and Josh Homme] introduced themselves to us. I was like 'yeah, I know who you are,'" he laughs.

Published in LA Music Scene

BETO CUEVAS is in demand! He is currrently in Puerto Rico inundated with press interviews for his new album,"TRANSFORMACIOM" Warner Music. "TRANSFORMACION" is fast on track to becoming a hit. "QUIERO CREER," (I Believe), the first single released that has climbed the music charts and is now a number one music video. After ten successful albums as the frontman for Latin rock group La Ley, selling millions and receiving a Grammy, Latin Grammys and MTV Awards, BETO CUEVAS emerged as a solo artist in 2008. "Miedo Esceni," his first post La Ley launch spawned notable hits such as "Vuelvo" and "Hablame."

Published in LA Music Scene

diamondlightbanner.jpg - 47.40 Kb

On a perfectly sunny, summer Saturday, my girlfriends and I sipped champagne on our front lawn trying on wigs and attempting to have a garage sale. One of my roommates and fellow singers Alysse was purging all of her beloved clothes and knick knacks to prep for a move to the east coast. Friends were stopping by to give their farewell and pick through her belongings. Alysse has always attracted the most amazing people and it was this day that she introduced me to The Diamond Light.

Published in Archived Music Reviews

elaine-2-hype-music.jpg - 127.24 Kb

Nothing rings truer than authenticity. When it comes to music, we look for artists and the songs they write to tell our stories through their own. It’s a comfort to know that we’re not alone and the message is carefully dressed in the arrangements and melodies of a good song. Sometimes the music that is thrown at us on a daily basis is a manufactured version of that. It’s the McDonald’s of music where we get it really fast and easy but it won’t sustain us. That is why I am so thrilled to have discovered the enchanting Elaine Faye.

Published in Archived Music Reviews

When I go out to a show I want to be blown away. There is no in between. Once you’ve had that truly great live music experience where everyone is dancing and waiting on baited breath for that next lyric there’s no looking back. That’s what I want. As I devour the music it’s easy to forget all the work that goes into making a truly great band and the road that brought them to the stage.

Published in Archived Music Reviews

the growlersI want throw a Halloween party. A party draped in cheetah, tiki gods, skeletons, lava laps, costumes, twister, rum and beer. The soundtrack would be The Growlers.

The Growlers are a low-fi, 60’s rock and roll, Tarantino sunset gathering of weird cool. They take me back to the days where my parents were very active in the performance arts community in a theatre across the street from the Dresden in the 90’s where the after hours were full of trannies and black lipstick. The Growlers are dingy, playful and dark. Their production is old school and authentic yet still contemporary. They’ve opened up for both the Black Keys and Devendra Banhart along with many others in that realm.

Published in Archived Music Reviews

parker aiinsworthParker Ainsworth has the voice of a man whose lived many lives in one lifetime. He’s a mystic wandering bard.

I first met Parker at a house party in Silverlake. He was fresh to LA from Austin, Texas. Super handsome, quiet with a hint of mischief. This house was full of my favorite musicians that frequent the LA scene and many were passing the guitar and sharing songs. The guitar landed in the hands of Mr. Ainsworth and my jaded LA mind thought, “oh this good looking guy is going to have a soft voice that only sings honey soaked songs about love, I’ve seen ‘em all”…but no I was wrong. Parker’s music and voice have the depth and rust of an old wishing well. You can hear the Texan smoke in his voice and his finger picking should be studied. He’s a painter with words and palette is plentiful. I was a fan in an instant.

Published in Archived Music Reviews


It's rare when I start to groupie out for a band.  It's weird for me to even aggressively push new found music into people's faces.  But now that's happening.

Meet Le Blorr (Bastard Love Child of Rock n Roll).  A haunting, psychedelic blues indie duo consisting of Chris Hess (guitar/vocals) and Adam (Drums). Correction...Chris goes under the name Cookie Sugarhips and Adam is Hot Damm.

Published in Archived Music Reviews

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