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Thursday, 05 January 2012 13:57

Raining Jane

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Girl bands. You know 'em. Mostly, girl bands are hot. Girl bands represent women empowerment. These are the girls who said eff it to the norm and did it themselves. They inspire girls and boys fall in love with them. I’ve never had a close clique of girlfriends until I met women that make their own music and play it well. Some of my best friends are apart of LA’s favorite girl band, Raining Jane. These women are smart, accomplished and musically diverse. Collectively, they make you laugh and they will make you cry. Raining Jane makes music inspired by the journey of life, love, friendship and the experiences they have created in their years together.


bg_raining_janesm.png - 417.64 Kb

Raining Jane formed in 1999 in the UCLA music scene. In 2003 they played the college market as well as many well known venues for 6 years straight out of tricked out van. I met them in 2006 when they were discovered by Jason Mraz. In 2008, they co-wrote “Beautiful Mess” with Mraz for his platinum album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. Just recently they toured with Sara Bareilles and in 2011 released their album, The Good Match. They pack every LA venue and have a loyal and committed following.

Raining Jane is comprised of Mai Bloomfield (cello, guitar, vocals), Chaska Potter (guitar, vocals), Mona Tavacoli (drums, vocals, percussion) and Becky Gebhart (bass, guitar, sitar). It’s funny to write so formally about them because I know them on an incredibly personal level. Mai has been playing the cello since age nine, is a wordsmith and also the girls’ graphic designer. Chaska came from generations of musicians and artists, she’s a natural born athlete, and she’s an incredibly venerable songwriter/performer. (side note: we also have a side project called Cat Tower and together, she and I specialize in punk aerobics). Becky taught herself to play guitar at age 13, she’s also studied sitar under Shujaat Khan and it is my own assumption that she’s a closet hit songwriter. She’s recently produced music with artist M0gli. She and Mona are also founders of the music education program called Rock n Roll Camp for Girls that teaches young girls to form bands, learn an instrument, write a song and perform within a week! Mona’s the biggest badass drummer I know. She bangs a cajon better than any man and she’s got the wit and comedic timing that could battle any headlining comedian. She’s backed Jason Mraz, Rachel Yamagata, and Pat Benatar to name a few. (side note 2: she and I have a developing project called Government Sluts where we face eachother, propped up on dueling cajons whilst rapping about Mom jeans).

They trade songwriting hats and the spotlight. Each one of them adds a distinctive flavor that compliments the other. They hold true to their independent music scene sprit to a wide audience. They are genuine. They are fun. They are your best friends.

If you’re not intrigued now, then I think you should find out for yourself! They will be playing a show on January 26th at The Hotel Café. You can purchase tickets at

Go to their website for purchase music and learn more about the girls.

Here’s a live clip from Treble Clef Live of them performing “Wish You Were Here”

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