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Thursday, 13 October 2011 03:37

Andy Clockwise

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andy clockwise

As an artist myself I battle with describing my style and music to people. I find it hard to pigeon-hole myself because I do it all. I get that question of “What are you? Who can I compare you to? What market can I sell you to?” Then I look to those artists that say EFF it to shaping themselves to familiarity to make a dollar. I’m inspired by those who create their own lane, their own category…inviting you into their own world. Ladies and Gentlemen, the King of “Schizo Pop”: Andy Clockwise.

Andy Clockwise (Born Andy Kelly) was born in Sydney, Australia. He was born a troublemaking self-starter and spent his secondary education in boarding school because of his non-traditional behavior. He wasn’t much into sports at school so he found interest in music. He took to drums, guitar, bass and piano all in his teens. The persona of Andy Clockwise was born at the age of 20.

Fast forward to 2006, I met Andy at Molly Malone’s where we were sharing the bill. He was new to Los Angeles. He had and has a low, swarthy, cigarette voice. I remember his thick, black-rimmed glasses and messy hair. Sporting a disheveled suit became him. Musically, I didn’t know what to expect because yet again, he couldn’t quite explain to me what he was about. A friend of his explained, “he’s a legend in the making!”

When Andy hits the stage, he lights up the room. He’s a tenacious performer with a fearless approach to the audience…hell he’ll break the fourth wall and dance with the people. With hand on hip and guitar slung low he commands the attention of an aloof LA scene. His mission is to put on a SHOW and by god, he does it. According to an interview with J Play Andy explains, “I want to mix chaos with beauty on stage. If I don’t have an edge and I’m too slick then how am I meant to express what it to be human? Correct me if I’m wrong, but why else would you feels like fucking do it?”

Since that day that I met Andy, I’ve seen him explode and sky-rocket like no artist I’ve had the company of keeping. It’s no surprise that he always sells out shows, that I see the LA walls plastered with his name and that KROQ has fully endorsed this man. I’m not surprised by any success that comes his way.

If I were to explain his sound I would incorporate the likes of: Nick Cave, Beck, PJ Harvey, The Romones and Bjork. So, yes, as he puts it, that’s a whole bunch of Schizo Pop. Sign me up for that!

Check out his latest video posted “Love and War”. If I can’t love him anymore, he actually directed this video! It’s brilliance at its best and I can’t stop watching it. It’s a true piece of performance art. Learn a lesson from Clockwise, my fellow artists, and do it your own way!

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