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British Music Review >> Jake Bugg

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Jake Bugg, NoHo Music Review

Looking at the 18-year-old Nottingham native Jake Bugg, you wouldn’t expect his music to be mature or sophisticated but he is proving that age doesn’t mean everything. As soon as he opens his mouth you can hear influences from the likes of Dylan and Oasis that can truly be felt within his jangly style sonnets of his self-titled debut album.

His tone and style are something that aren’t often heard from young budding musicians and his echoic vibe adds a certain age to his music, which only adds to his talent. He plays on this idea between youth and experiences and with the track ‘Seen It All’ it reassures just how much a young person can see. There is a lot of emotion in his lyrics especially for someone so young, making him lyrically reminiscent of a young Paolo Nutini.

Each of his songs seems to bring something different to the table. From the simplicity of tracks such as ‘Country Song’ to the more country-indie infused ‘Lightning Bolt’. The strongest track on the album was ‘Seen It All,' the chorus was exciting, the lyrics were gritty and it was a nice twist on a classic sound.

I can find no faults; this is a wonderful album, even more so being the fact that is a debut album. You’d honestly expect this artist to be from Nashville not the middle of England. The music just speaks for itself and he is part of the new generation of musicians that are slowly restoring faith in music.

This CD is a must have for anyone interested in music, it is fresh yet familiar and contains such talent it is impossible not to like it. He isn’t reinventing the genre or anything but he sure is a nice addition to it.

Rating: 9/10


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David Mariam

Raised in NoHo, David Mariam moved to England during his high school years. His passion for music developed after purchasing a Jason Mraz cd at the age of eleven. His music range includes everything from Folk to Drum & Bass. Some of his favourite artists include King Blues, Incubus, Funeral for a Friend, Tyler the Creator and Shwayze.

Follow him on twitter @davidmariam

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