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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 01:50

Music >> A Tribute to Nick Faigin the Full Time Poet

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More than any other,
Is a quest.
A quest for awake-ness.
The time is right
To be an absolute product of all that is around me.

I swim through the lye-green tides of the Pacific—
It gives my brain a chance to brine.
Deprived sensorily,
I hear the drum 'n' bass lub-dub of my own heart.
I feel the air around me enter and leave my lungs with a rhythm all it's own.
The cro-magnon backbeat of early man with no speech or vision.

I see it all -
All the nothing -
Water and sky and foam and gigantic waves -
sweeping across it's own vastness;
never ending.

These are the words of the late Poet, Music Lover, photographer and friend Nick Faigin. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly April 20th of this year. He was a lover of jazz, blues, rock and funk. Surprisingly to me was also a prolific poet. He ran a blog that highlighted some of LA’s precious musical gems. He always front row at a show with his camera and smile. He was and is a bright light to many of us that stomp and sweat our guts out onstage night after night. It is people like Nick that are a reminder to love big, show up and to create for the sake of creating.

Upon hearing of Nick’s passing I went online to reminisce on the photos and blogs he had written about my shows at Harvelle’s and it was on his blog ( that I discovered and rediscovered bands that I have loved and come to love. My purpose of this blog is to get the people of Los Angeles out to experience quality music and performers. So in honor of this full time poet, I pass onto you readers a few artists to you that were near and dear to Nick’s life. You will be introduced to some of the rare gems of the LA music scene.

Vintage Trouble:
A year and a half ago Nick covered a show where I would open for Vintage Trouble. Since then, the band has blown up to be one of the next big acts on a world-wide scale. Fronted by the enormously talented and charismatic singers Ty Taylor, the band’s rocking soul and R&B gives you a sweat and release of making love. They will seduce you, they will make you dance and they will break your heart. Here’s their Single “Blues Hand Me Down”

Magnolia Memoir:
This is a band I’m just getting to know and I’m quickly falling in love. Sultry, swinging and throwing you back they are fronted by the beautifully vivacious Mela Lee. What I love about them, is you think you’re gonna get the save throwback sound but Mela Lee adds a kitten purr in her deliverance that is comparable to Mazzy Star at certain moments. Pick up their album “The Perfect Crime”.


I’ve highlighted this brilliant soul singer before in a past blog and Nick was super stoked when I discovered him. This is a very special performance of Mike Ultralove covering Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”.


Friday Kind Of Love:
I’m a fanatic for bands that actually put on a PRODUCTION. You don’t really see it anymore. But I had the pleasure of seeing this group at The Edison a month ago. The band’s tight with doo-wop harmonies. Every singer can slay the room especially the hot blonde that can wail. Midway through the evening blue sequined clad dancers circle the room with a flirty playfulness. It’s definitely covers…but done against the Edison backdrop that you swear you’ve traveled in time.


The Toledo Show:
I cut my sharpest teeth with Toledo. It’s one of the darkest, sexiest burlesque shows that has been known to haunt LA for over a decade. Toledo smokes his swishers through a voice of a rusty train engine while “The Dames” twist your necks with their burlesque. Check them out every Sunday at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica.


Do yourself a favor and take some time on Nick’s site for more beautifully written blogs, poems and photos.

It is every artist’s job to carry on the legacy of those that have passed so they continue to live on and inspire. Nick may not be here in body but what he contributed through his words and soul are still very much alive.

We love and miss you Nick!

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  • Comment Link krista hubbard Sunday, 20 May 2012 23:18 posted by krista hubbard

    I miss him very much :( I never thought I would see him described as a " late poet" or late anything for that matter.


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