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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 03:40

Music Review >> Shane Alexander

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I love happy accidents, but the older I get, I realize they aren’t accidents. They are the experiences destined to take us from one place to the next.

One night I was called in last minute to do a short acoustic set at The Stronghold in Venice (which is unfortunately no more due to permit issues and such. I would like to add that it was one of the best modern ho-downs for real American music and gatherings…it’s a shame it didn’t last.) So, I took the gig even though there was no room to promote to get people there for me. I showed up early, no one was there. My set started, no one was there…until later in the set, another musician sat through the rest of my set and later came another man sat next to him…I presumed there were the next act. After the show, the man (Billy Mohler who would come to be my producer and partner in crime) who sat through my set invited me to stick around to watch Shane Alexander, he was playing guitar for him. I was blown away. Shane had a simple set up of himself on guitar, Billy on electric and occasionally a beautiful girl named Justine on back up vocals. He filled the room with emotive, colorful lyrics, sweet guitar melodies and a voice that is sweet with a hint of darkness. He has a quiet, comforting stage presence. Onstage he comes off as wise, storyteller who has seen many roads and many lifetimes in his young age. His work runs deep from the roots. I was grateful to have volunteered to this impromptu show to discover this talent.

Shane Alexander isn’t new to the music scene. The San Diego born artist attended The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and played in several rock groups including Trippin and Young Art with famed producer Richard Polodor. Inspired by Polodor Shane began songwriting and recording his own work. Years later he formed the group Damone with some friends of his from Pennsylvania. They toured the country and created quite a buzz with their song “She Likes the Ocean”. Later, the group disbanded but that didn’t stop Shane. Like many seasoned artists, he got to experience all sides of the industry until he really found his voice. Shane Alexander, as a solo act, grew to be a prolific, inspired solo artist.

Shane has put out about 4 solo records in the past few years and he’s currently working on what may be his best work yet. A favorite of mine is off of the song his latest album Mono Solo entitled “Corey’s Song”. It’s a bittersweet, heartbreaking piece about acceptance in letting go. The first time I heard this, it gave me chills and there have been times that I have shed a tear upon listening to it. Another tune off of Mono Solo that I enjoy is “Vegeta”. “Vegeta” is a beautiful, short soundscape that showcases Shane’s sweet guitar playing against a folk, 70’s-esque doubled vocal. This song serves to me a little peek of what his forth-coming album showcases.

You’ve most likely have heard Shane’s music without even knowing it. His music has been heavily placed in film and television (i.e. Criminal Minds, True Life, Degrassi/The Next Generation, One Tree Hill and more).

I’m going to come right out and say from what I’ve heard from the forth-coming record it is going to be a folk singer/songwriter game changer. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the record that breaks Shane Alexander into the next phase in his career. Through this work, he has created a voice that is all his own. An accomplishment to all artists. Be sure to look for that record when it releases!

Here's a beautiful video of his song "The Sky Below"

For more info on Shane Alexander:

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