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Friday, 27 January 2012 07:37

Paris Carney

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It has been my observation that LA is saturated with girl singer-songwriters singing about the pains and joys of love. They’ve got stickers on their guitars, they know 3 chords and they sing about how a guy doesn’t know what he’s missing. Some are lucky enough to place their music in toothpaste and cotton ads. Oh and there’s a lot of ukelele…I go nuts in trying to showcase local artists and only come up with some 2 dimensional unicorn forgettables.


Am I being harsh? I guess so. Am I a cynic? You could say that...Ok so not ALL L.A. female artists are like that. Out there, there’s girl who is genuinely the perfect example of optimism and talent. She makes me want to swallow all of my words and praise all of these flowery songbirds with, “Hey girls, keep on singing those love songs! You’re making something. You’re creating. How beautiful are you? I’ll catch your show at Molly Malone’s for sure!”

This girl is Paris Carney. Now mind you, she IS a singer songwriter who writes and expresses her journeys of love…But she does it THE right way. Every time I listen to her music or see her live, I want to be a better person. On the exterior she may seem like a just a really sweet, beautiful girl but look a little deeper and she’s got a soul far beyond her years. She’s the perfect balance of darkness and light. Which gives the music the depth and the integrity we look for in a song. Listening to love songs can give you a toothache if they’re not complimented by the salt occasionally makes life sting. She’s not afraid to be blunt about what she wants to say, but she says it in the sweetest way possible.

Seeing her live is a treat in itself. She’s got a quick wit and is equally hilarious as she is talented. She’s always backed by some of the greatest musicians in town. She’s guaranteed to pack a house. I’ve seen her evolve throughout the years from a girl plucking away simple ditties on guitar to a woman that reveals her musicianship and respect for the art of music. Her voice is impeccable with colors of country, pop and jazz. As an audience member you feel as if you’ve been invited into her living room to hang out and hear what she’s been working on. Her inviting essence makes it impossible for you to take your eyes off of her. You forget that time has passed and the show’s over too soon.

So you can thank Miss Paris Carney for showing you a brighter day in a dark world. I can thank her for making music that is the pink snuggie to my cold soul. When it seems like there’s no hope for young people these days look to her. When you think music is going down the dark hole, listen to her. Sometimes all we need is a little optimism and some good, clean music.

You can purchase her EP “Carried Away” and her latest single “Let Me In Again” on itunes. Follow her on twitter for some hilarity and show updates: @pariscarney.

Enjoy a live performance of her song "Life Jacket" feat. her brother Reeve Carney

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