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Thursday, 15 December 2011 03:43


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I’m in the sappy, sugar cookied, cozy hot chocolate mood. I’m not trying to give you diabetes but I’ve been stuck on 94.7 The Wave’s Holiday music. I just want to be happy and give, give, give. It’s the holidays and everyone seems to have a little more warmth in their hearts this time of year. It is only appropriate that I highlight a band that not only warms the tiny cockles of my soul but they bring forth the message of love, peace and community. They come to move you with their sweet harmonies, driving beats and heartfelt lyrics. They are the Makepeace Brothers.

Yes, Makepeace is their real surname (with the exception of longtime bassist Connor Gaffney and drummer Curtis Byrd). I’ve known most of the boys since 2007 when I booked them their first LA gig at Molly Malone’s. I had met them at a show in San Diego. At the time the band consisted of brothers, Finian and Ciaran Makepeace on guitar and vocals with Connor Gaffney on bass. Finian mentioned that the band was moving to LA. I was more than happy to help them out.

Not long after that, the boys got swept up on the Music, Magic, Makepeace Tour with Grammy winner Jason Mraz. They traveled the country and built their fanbase. Not long after that, they were touring, packing houses and becoming an LA favorite.

Fast forward to now, they’ve expanded from a three piece band to adding brothers, Aidan and Liam Makepeace and drummer, Curtis Byrd. These boys can get the party started anywhere but most importantly they are major philanthropists. They’ve been involved with organizations such as Free the Slaves, Falling Whistles and Feeding the Soul Foundation to name a few. They strike a chord with all of us on a personal level but they bring forth an awareness to many causes in a way that will get the people proactive.

Their sound is as if Paul Simon put together a boy band. Their voices together are pure and angelic. Once the music gets warmed up you can’t help yourself but dance. I would say I’ve seen them over a dozen of times and I never leave feeling less than awesome. One of the front men, Finian has a genius way of engaging any audience. He will not let an LA audience get away with its usual “I’m-too-cool-to-dance” stance. Ciaran Makepeace writes some of the most simply poetic songs. I’ve always have been a fan of how he can make it look so easy but as a writer, myself, I can’t seem to grasp that quite yet. Connor Gaffney is one of the funkiest bass players to be playing folk music. He’s the bottom end that is a delicious contrast to the boys’ sweet sounds. Curtis Byrd and Connor make for the perfect rhythm section. I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that there were more Makepeaces and that they were just as talented…and they all look like they’ve just graduated from handsome boy modeling school (not a reference to the band, mind you, I just wanted to use that.) The first show I had seen with the new line-up, I turned to my boyfriend and said they must of the DNA of Adonis. Not fair!

However, that is only skin deep. These boys have a message and they deliver it easily to your ears. I highly recommend catching a show as soon as possible. I pride myself in thinking that they are apart of a movement where music can get the people to wake up and make some much needed changes in a world that needs us. If you want to make the revolution a party, you might want to book the Makepeaces to headline. That’s what they have been called to do.

For the holiday season go purchase a few copies of their album “Slow Down, Feel Love” available on itunes. Then go to their website to view their tour schedule.

If you want get a feel for what to expect, here’s their song “Coco” played live and you can also practice your really cool dance moves.


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