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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 08:43

Last American Buffalo

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I love it when my worlds collide. It’s especially wonderful when it involves really great music. A few years ago I went out to see my friend, Vic Artur play at the Silverlake Lounge. His band had the Monday residency and I had never seen him play music before. They were good. You know, indie music at the Silverlake Lounge. I didn’t remember much. Life is funny…

Years pass to present and I’m working on my own EP with my producer, Billy Mohler. Before we dug into my project he gave me some music he’s produced. One band I really got into was Last American Buffalo. Billy raved about them and was always out to a show of theirs (he’s played in the band as well). I was curious because I really trust his ear. Shortly after receiving their music, I had their stuff in heavy rotation in my 6-disc car player. I became a big fan. Finally, I got the opportunity to see them live at the Bootleg Theatre. The minute I walked in I had a total slap-across-the-forehead moment. This band I had been musically crushing on was the band I had forgotten years ago. I ate all my words and I was in awe by the songwriting, the musicianship and the show as a whole. I was moved…literally, I was spazzing out. I couldn’t stand still amongst the hipsters. They're music sounds like they've come from past lives. They go deeper than your typical indie band trying to "make it". On their bandcamp page is written "Getting your heart ripped out makes for a lot of songs. So Cheers". Their music paints that.

Edward Abbey Rita Hayworth the III Cover ArtLead singer Kevin Tyler Zepeda-Compton started this line-up a few years ago when he lost his whole band, even my buddy Vic dropped out. So he hired some guns for a tour but it after it was time to solidify a line-up. He found his guitar player on craigslist and Billy Mohler played for them as well as lining up a few players for Kevin. Lastly, Vic returned to play bass once again to complete the puzzle.

It was inspiring to see the growth in the music and in all the players themselves. They’re one of those bands that are always playing, always writing, always rehearsing and it shows. In between songs, banter is light. I appreciate bands that like to cut to the chase to get to the music.

There’s a reason for everything and chemistry in a band comes by the strangest of circumstances. In their case, it definitely works. Kevin has the smoky, worn voice of a wise man and his songwriting compliments it. He’s influenced by Brian Jonestown Massacre and Dylan. He has a great sense of melody. You can tell he works really hard but pull it off with ease. The rest of the band is dynamic and the arrangements are tight. The music can go from heartfelt acoustic, to drink swinging anthems to sexy, guitar driven seducers. It’s blues, it’s Americana, it’s rock n roll done the right way.

You can listen to all their music on their bandcamp site and there’s free downloads available as well:

Starting in January they will have a residency at Harvard and Stone. So be sure to get into a show. It’s a good hang, it’s good music and they’re not so bad to look. Cheers!

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