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Thursday, 20 September 2018 21:00

Chaka Khan "Like Sugar"

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We’re listening to Chaka Khan’s latest single “Like Sugar” … and dancing.

We might be tardy for the party, but Chaka Khan is back!

Chaka Khan’s return is a big deal because it’s her first release in more than a decade. She’s back with "Like Sugar," a summer jam that can take you right into fall, winter, spring and then back to summer. It’s definitely a get down song, one that instantly makes you move. What’s better than that?

Chaka Khan - photo credit Tim Fielding
Chaka Khan - photo credit Tim Fielding

So put Chaka Khan’s "Like Sugar" on your sassy, saucy, make me happy, dance like you're all alone, let’s have a party playlist.

Here's the Switch remix on our Spotify playlist.


The bassline and vocal pauses transport you to the opening of any polyester-filled 70s movie. Where’s Pam Greer? The video is also nostalgic with just some cool folks in vintage “I'm Gonna Git You Sucka” clothes dancing to the sweet, delicious, straight up, funky beat. We pay attention to choreo and the moves fit so perfectly, so naturally to the music, thanks to the Parisian choreographers I Could Never Be a Dancer.  The way they give the dancers a boomerang effect is unique and fun. We’re sure you’ll find your own boomerange groove to this song!

We’d love to see Los Angeles choreographers Robert Green, Marty Kudelka, heels diva Jersey, and one of our House faves Ray Basa use this song in one of their classes.

Here’s what’s become our chant:

"It's like sugar, so sweet
Good enough to eat
When I feel the funk, I give in
Get up on a-yo' feet"

We'll leave you with this "Like Sugar" challenge Instagram video.  

Follow Chaka Khan:

Facebook  |  Twitter  |   Instagram 

Keep making music that moves us.


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Francesca del Console

Francesca del Console is an arts manager at L.A. Cultural Exchange, a young artists program under the Artists Exchange Group, Inc., an arts marketing firm based in the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles, CA. She and her team bring U.S. and international singers, musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists to Los Angeles to study in high school and train in their art. They provide the total L.A. arts experience for their students.


Instagram: @laculturalexchange

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