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Friday, 07 September 2018 09:51

Danileigh “Lil BeBe”

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We’re listening to Danileigh’s single “Lil BeBe” from her upcoming project “The Plan.”

We find music everywhere and sometimes the way we find it makes it even better. So our Summer Dance in L.A. dancers (Thanks, Keara and Or) asked us to play Danileigh’s track “Lil BeBe.”  They heard it in King Guttah’s class and loved the song and his choreo. It has now become one of our summer favorites and a post in our monthly “What We’re Listening to” blog.

So much dance happens in L.A. For real. Such unique, fresh styles and choreo is created in our city. So a shout out to all the dancers, especially in North Hollywood!

Danileigh, pronounced Dani Lay, is a dancer and singer based in Los Angeles. “Lil Bebe” is definitely a dance track because our featured song criteria is that it must make us move. It’s interesting how our L.A. Cultural Exchange summer dancers gravitated towards this song and Danileigh. Like attracts like, dancers attract dancers. You can not only hear butfeel Danileigh’s dance background infused in the beat and melody.


Her music is a sultry yet relatable blend of trap and R&B, sprinkled with some 90s influence.

In the beginning of the song we heard what we would describe as a Victorian piano in the background,  then short yu yu breaths layered on top, followed by the drum machine. It was immediately serious and a bit dark but still with a bounce. Then her voice raises, she’s more forceful, more confident, and the song grabs you with more bounce.

Her tone is pure boss lady, pure confidence. And the chorus becomes our chant.

Any way I can get with you?
Can’t send love through pictures
Get your chance baby don’t miss it.
Let you tell it, yeah
I’m the best that you never had
I’m the best that you never had
I choose myself now I’m first.

And all we can say is: “Oh Yeah Yeah. Yu Yu. Oh Yeah Yeah.“

We’ll leave you with a bonus track, Danleigh’s "All I Know” from her “Summer With Friends” album with a sample from the late, great Aretha Franklin. May her memory be a blessing.

Follow Danileigh on all social media @iamdanileigh

Keep making music that moves us.

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Francesca del Console

Francesca del Console is an arts manager at L.A. Cultural Exchange, a young artists program under the Artists Exchange Group, Inc., an arts marketing firm based in the NoHo Arts District in Los Angeles, CA. She and her team bring U.S. and international singers, musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists to Los Angeles to study in high school and train in their art. They provide the total L.A. arts experience for their students.


Instagram: @laculturalexchange

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