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It’s a common theme in LA that there’s a slow climb up to the holy grail of achieving your dream. Growing up in LA I’ve seen my friends, friends of my parents and many acquaintances go through all stages of this process. I love when I see amazing artists especially musicians shape shift into their original voice and rise above the rest. I love seeing the hard work behind the scenes start to reach fans that spider off their enthusiasm to more future fans.

I see a band on the cusp of vibrating a resonating buzz about the LA music Scene. This band is Abbot Kinney.

(No, the band is not based in Venice, given the famous street that is home to the happening First Fridays. The band is based in our beloved North Hollywood.)

The brains behind Abbot Kinney is LA native Jared Swanson. I met Jared when I was a teenager haunting the open mic night at Cozy’s Bar and Grill (unfortunately closed now). In those days, I never really knew Jared as a musician. I knew he was an actor and I remember him leaving to study theatre at Boston University.

Fast-forward to 2010 Jared played the Monday residency at Molly Malone’s in the Wilshire district. It was at that time that Jared formed the band Abbot Kinney. In the past years leading up to the present the band took many shapes. It is now that it seems that he’s recruited the perfect outfit to take the band to the next level.

Jared’s voice is dynamic, emotive and sweet. I would say his sound evokes comparisons to Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. The music hits hard but it is a nice juxtaposition to the tone of Jared’s melodic voice. The lyrics are poetic and introspective yet the music can range from dark and somber to an electricity lighting up the stage. The band consists of Frank Abraham on bass, Matt Barreca on drums, Jacob Thomas Moses on guitar and Ruby Biloskirka-Conley on keys. They are some of the top young players in the LA scene. Because of the proficiency of the players each part is important and the arrangements are seamless. The music isn’t for dummies but also not so far out to the avant sits comfortably within those lines. Most of the players are good friends and that tends to make for a good musical chemistry. Jared leads the band with excellent songwriting and a pro-active business mind that is constantly scheming to move the group into the next phase of the band’s career. It’s ambition like that that separates the dreamers to the achievers. I believe I will see this band do great things and I will forever enjoy to be a spectator to the journey upwards.

I would highly recommend buying this self-titled album on itunes. The whole album is absolutely wonderful but my favorite picks would be One is All You Need, Heaven and Hell and Hope. Buy the album here:

Check out their video “That’s Not Me” directed by Nick Borges. It’s a brilliant video!


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