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Leon Seti “Cobalt” Album Review

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Leon Seti is an electro-pop solo project born in 2016 out of the mind and voice of the 23-year-old Leo Baldi, an Italian-born, alternative synth/pop musical artist. 

His mind-bending, heart-changing music is far deeper and more spiritual than most could manage with 23 years on this planet. 

Add to that a voice full of the resonance and humility of an angel and you have an album with the honesty and the emotional integrity akin to Madonna, Prince or KD Lang. 

This is his second album and on the first day of “Cobalt’s” release it reached number one in the itunes Electronic albums chart in his home country, Italy.

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This album is a journey, full of songs of love and loss, pain and celebration.  Leon self produces, writes and arranges everything on the album and I can understand why.  This music is so intimate, almost confessional in its beautiful and at times breathless delivery.  It would be like if you were an artist, having someone else paint for you or a stranger write the poetry in your heart. 

The stories flow from one track to another growing with power and urgency, one to the next.  A sublime mix of dance power tracks and slow winding mournful unburdening. The songs seem to be torn directly from Leon’s heart and one feels as if each song were a different day in the journal of his soul.  His longing and his heartbreak poured into this brilliant music, we cannot help but be moved.  Loved it!

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