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Monique Angele "Alive"

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Monique Angele is a Canadian singer-songwriter with her roots firmly in the epic piano and soaring vocals genre of Tori Amos and Kate Bush. 

She began as a classically trained operatic singer and her exquisite training gives her the nerve to be herself and write purposeful, meaningful, optimistic odes to life.

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With nods to early Elton John and Evanescence and even a little Queen, the songs on this album are a soundtrack to inspiration. 

Each track is a step along the way from depression to love.  Simply produced, the songs range from full-on orchestration to an almost live, stripped back feel, which works perfectly with her crystal-like voice.

These are powerful songs filled with a longing to connect. Her lyrics are written directly from the heart, it’s clear, with a sweetness and a naivete that shines through her warm, pure vocals.  These are songs that you reach for when you need some help, some strength and maybe a little love for yourself.  Unapologetically poignant and uncompromisingly spiritual, Monique Angele’s "Alive" maybe exactly what you need right now.

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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