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A List of Five Best Makeup Academies in the World!

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With time, makeup has become one of the biggest career options all around the world. 

As humans, we have a constant need to look beautiful and we are looking for ways to help us in doing that. Makeup is an important part of any attire. Makeup has become increasingly famous over the past two decades and people are opting for careers in it. There are a lot of schools that offer courses for the people who want to become a professional beautician. Creating a perfect makeup look is an art and the professionals are artists just like painters and architects. The movie industry is flourishing all over the world and there is a need for a professional makeup artist on every movie set. Additionally, even the normal people want to look their best and wear the best makeup for special events. There are huge career opportunities for the people who are professionally trained in makeup.
There are numerous academies that provide courses for the men and women who want to make a career in the world of makeup and beauty.
  1. Ruby Makeup Academy
Ruby Makeup Academy is one of the most sought-after makeup schools in the world. It was established by Ruby Polanco who is one of the most famous makeup artists in the world. This academy provides both short term and long term courses to the people who want to make a successful career in the field of makeup and beauty. They have courses such as Makeup Artistry, Classes de maquillaje, microblogging, hair design, Airbrush class, Intro FX Makeup, Pro FX Makeup, Bridal Masterclass and much more. They have specially designed courses that are taught by some big names in the beauty industry. They are located in North Hollywood.
  1. Makeup Forever Academy
If you have little knowledge about makeup brands, you must have heard of the name Makeup Forever. Makeup forever is one of the most famous makeup brands in the world. However, what is less known is that they also have an academy. The academy was set up by DanySanz who is the founder of this makeup brand. It is so famous that its centres are spread all across the world. Many artists learn a lot about makeup from the Makeup Forever Academy and make their career in the field of makeup and styling. They have both long-term as well as short-term programs. They have small 5 days or 10-days programs that teach the makeup artists about specific looks. Additionally, they also have six months to one-year programs that give detailed knowledge about the makeup looks and their applications. The applicants can apply for these courses depending on their knowledge about makeup.
  1. Pro Makeup Academy
Two famous celebrity makeup artists namely Tally Bookbinder and Collette Casey came together to create the Pro Makeup Academy. This makeup academy is another one of the best makeup academies that are based in the UK. Here you can find courses specially designed for the beginners and the intermediate learners. They also have 2 or two days workshops for the people who just want to learn about a specific look or technique. Both since both the founders have been professional makeup artists for over 20 years, the courses here are designed specifically to cater to the requirements of the beginners as well as the intermediate learners.
  1. Online Makeup Academies
For the people who cannot travel to a different country or a city to be a part of the makeup academy, the Online Makeup Academy is the best option. This was one of the first makeup academies that provided the budding makeup artists with the essential courses for makeup online. They have numerous courses that can be bought on their website. You can buy these courses and they will be delivered to you via mail. They also send you a lot of material that you can use in learning professional makeup and kick-starting your career in the field of makeup and art.
  1. Fabulive Online Platform
The last one in our list is Fabulive Online Platform - This makeup academy has a different approach to learning. They train their students by taking them to the real makeup artists and helping them learn with practical experience. Additionally, they also take care of the students that do not belong to any of these locations and provide them with online training. This online course is similar to the training centres. Each student is given an opportunity to choose any artists at the beginning. The students are sent the special selection of master classes with the most famous names in the industry so that they can polish their skills even further. This provides a great opportunity for the students living in far-off countries.
The online makeup academy reviews of all these makeup academies will tell you that these are some of the places that you should visit if you want to learn professional makeup. There are many other academies in the world that also teach a lot regarding makeup. Most people confuse the makeup brand MUA Makeup Academy to also be a makeup academy but it is not. This is just a makeup brand.
Most people do not realize that there is a plethora of options available for the people who want to make a career in the field of makeup. They can work as makeup artists or makeup creators. They can even launch their own brands. YouTube has provided a platform for the people with talents in the makeup field to make a successful career. There are numerous YouTube stars that have become huge and have even opened their makeup brands. Hence you can join either of these academies or just join a school near you and try to make your career in the field of makeup.
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