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How to overcome the spiraling STD incidences?

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How to overcome the spiraling STD incidences?

Latest statistics regarding STDs:

The frequently advancing incidences of STDs since the past decade have been of great concern for the health professionals all around the globe. Despite of the fact that these infections can affect any age group, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that there is a heavy toll of STDs between the age group of 15 years to 24 years. It is owing to the reason that sexual activity is the highest in this group, as they make up to one quarter of the sexually active population. Also, they account for nearly fifty percent of the 20 million new cases each year that show up in the United States. Now that is a pretty big figure, isn’t it?

The truth behind the rising stats of STD:

Pubs, clubs, and online dating websites have ruined the concept of a single partner and a healthy relationship. Most cases of STDs are attributed to frequent one night stands, change in sex partners, and too much of casual sex. This is more common to places were such a culture has taken its roots deep into the society, such as NYC. And it is for this reason that we observe sky rocketing rates of STD testing in NYC. It is a matter of authenticity that the prevalence of such a disease is greater in cases of gay and bisexual men. According to the CDC website, an inordinate impaction of syphilis, HIV and other such STDs have been observed in this group belonging to the LBGT community.

The rising rates of STD testing in NYC can also be attributed to the fact that people of this country have awareness regarding this issue on a greater scale, as compared to the population of any other country. This makes them get screened for the disease quite often, and especially before conceiving or upon the detection of related signs of the disease. STD during pregnancy can be lethal for the fetus, since it can produce congenital syphilis in the child. Let us tell you that congenital syphilis is a highly deteriorating, disabling and a life-threatening ailment. It occurs owing to vertical transmission of the organism from mother to the developing fetus inside. Hence, it is quite essential for pregnant women to get an early screening for all possible infections during the initial times of their gestational period.

In order to get tested for STD, today, several public health agencies have created well operating clinics for the purpose on a wide basis, which offer the services for free. 

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  • Comment Link Bobby Monday, 27 June 2016 02:06 posted by Bobby

    Thanks for the well thought out article.

    It is true, but difficult for some to talk about. This fast food, gratuitous approach to sex using clubs and/or online apps such as Grindr or Tinder make finding a partner as simple as picking out a shirt to wear for the night.
    Yet, I'm not sure that the LGBT community is doing enough to make sure everyone is getting tested. According to "The Complete Guide to STD Testing,, "Men who have sex with men account for 83% of all male syphilis cases." which is an alarming figure that I never hear about in the news. It isn't just the LGBT community though, anyone who is having unsafe sex should be getting tested every 6 months to a year.


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