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Theatre Review >> Zombie Joe’s “Not With Monsters” Is Hysterically Creepy! Absolutely Go!

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Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood does it again! Playwright Adam Neubauer took time travel and the classic universal horror monsters and mixed them into a hysterical mix of romp, sarcasm and music in Zombie Joe's latest production of "Not With Monsters!" Director Sebastian Munoz then sprinkled in some talented performers, scene changing lighting and some fun toe-tapping choreography by cast member Caroline Montes for an evening of extreme fun!

"Not With Monsters" is a story of a writer with writers block getting a time-traveling pen from his future self to save himself from himself. Got it? Leading the cast is the facially impressive and wildly expressive talents of Cory Wyszynski as Bill. His sharp and expressive wit makes all his other selves shine that much stronger.

Matt Sklar plays future Bill and gives a tour de force performance that is funny, charming and amazingly fresh with originality. He brightens the stage with his brand of humor and immediately takes charge of every scene he is in. (Not to mention a great impression of Burgess Merideth, direct from the original Rocky!)

Now for some of the monsters, categorically the most charming, sexually ‘charged’ and hysterical performances came from The Bride of Frankenstein played masterfully by Corey Zicari.

Besides choreographing two of the most shockingly entertaining numbers in the play (My Guy, a hysterically scarier version and The Time Warp), Caroline Montes does the job of the sharply (and almost supportive) girlfriend Anna, as well. Look out for The Mummy played by Laura De Lano who provides her unique voice and comic timing to unravel some very funny moments.

Some heartfelt and whimsical grunts and groans came from Roger K. Weiss’s portrayal of Frankenstein’s monster. His facial moans and surprisingly entertaining dance steps are a nice surprise. Now for creepy fun and chemistry, watch the spicy interaction of Ren Harris as Mina who is subjugated by the seriously misguided Dracula who is played by Enzo Kim. Dracula believes he can have a superstar solo singing career, however, everyone else knows better.

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Bill has another self-called Billy. This one is more psychotic and demonic in his intentions and played extremely energetically by Jose Luis Cordoba who has an incredible sadistic laugh that will creep you out. Now throw into the mix an invisible man with issues of his own and you have the comically talented Tyler McAuliffe who gives most of his amazing performance under ‘wraps’, literally.

Get the three Bills on stage together, mix in some wildly bizarre, yet familiar monsters, throw in Rocky Horror’s Time Warp and you have a fantastic, fun show. You will be surprised at the story, entertained by the music and laugh out loud at the antics that are perfectly Halloween themed. It truly is fun for the whole family at Zombie Joe’s. You can check them out:

Pic 001 Not With Monsters Cast: Top: Laura De Lano, Ren Harris, Corey Zicari, Btm: Roger K. Weiss, Tyler McAuliffe, Cory Wyszynski, Caroline Montes, Enzo Kim
Pic 002 Not With Monsters Cast: Cory Wyszynski Inset Top: Cory Wyszynski Inset Middle: Cory Wyszynski Inset Right: Tyler McAuliffe.


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    Come on out to tomorrow's NOT WITH MONSTERS show at 8:30 in costume and participate in our Halloween Costume Contest!! Door prizes too!!


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