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  • "Siphoned" - Short Film

    Two struggling Hollywood actors, in response to record-high California gas prices, decide they are going to siphon gas from their neighbors so they can travel to auditions for pilot season.

    But when one of the guys gets greedy and arranges a deal with a shady Mexican smuggler in the parking lot of Home Depot, it sets off a chain of events and everyone involved is forced to face the disastrous consequences.

  • "United" A New Kinda Love Story (shot from the knees down)

    Love depicted through the eyes of your shoes.

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    "United" is a piece of work that takes a controlled look at love and chance, from the knees down. At this angle, personalities are expressed solely through dance and fashion vernaculars. In "United", our shy hero (listed as "sneakers") strikes out in the world of women often until a chance encounter with our heroine (listed as "untied shoes"). In an unexpected romance we see a guy who is always in control wrestle physically and emotionally with a girl who has no rules. By chance also, the heroine leaves our hero's life just as quickly as she enters it. "United" is written, directed and produced by Jesse Schoem, produced and choreographed by Jamie Benson.

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  • Another Happy Anniversary Trailer

    Film Festival Flix Presents the trailer to "Another Happy Anniversary" a part of our Exceptional Short Films Series.


    Every year for their anniversary, Tom and Jeanne go on an adventure. This year it’s Tom’s year to choose. But he chooses the biggest adventure of all…A THREE WAY. Now they just have to find the perfect ‘third’. A feat that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    Nikki Deloach – Jeanne
    Hayes MacArthur – Tom
    Mikaela Hoover – Kim

    Written/Directed By: Miranda Bailey

    Produced by:
    Gabriel Geer
    Amanda Marshall
    Max McKenzie

  • Arthur Glover

    A story of a suicidal man who is forced to confront his demons.

  • Goodbye To The Normals

    Dir: Jim Field Smith/ UK/ 2006

    Originally commissioned by Robbie Williams, 'Goodbye to the Normals' tells the tale of a young boy, Magnus, who has decided to leave home for the USA. Amused by his juvenile escape plans, Magnus' parents wave him off down the street, knowing he will soon come running back... or will he?


  • Life and Stuff

    Dir: Kumar Satkunarasa / UK / 2011

    A guide on life...and stuff in 5 quick minutes...

  • Losers

    Dir: Everynone / US / 2011

    A short film from Everynone about the harm caused by bullying.

    Produced by Epoch Films.

  • November Short Film Competition Finals

    Celebrating the short film art form and the filmmakers that make them: WATCH | VOTE | PARTY

    Celebrating the short film art form and the filmmakers that make them, Film Festival Flix hosts a monthly online competition. In November, the 9 monthly finalist films will compete for one $2,500 cash Grand Prize. Presented at the Film Festival Flix theatrical events in Los Angeles, Denver, and Dubuque, we invite you to join us to see the finalist films, hear from the filmmakers, vote to award the Grand Prize to your favorite film, and party!


    January – BINKY
    When a troubled woman is questioned by a seemingly detached interrogator they both discover a profound connection that is beyond their wildest dreams.

    February – OUT OF TIME
    When a scientist creates a time travel device, she suddenly must use it to flee a current crisis only to find herself adventuring from time to time to solve her problem in the present.

    As Sam and Alex prepare to get married, their friends gather, even if their family is uncomfortably absent. As Sam starts walking down the aisle, the viewing audience starts to realize something is not quite what it seems and none of them realize the true horror that awaits.

    A heartbroken romantic has a bizarre encounter with a drunk stranger.

    May - INS AND OUTS
    INS & Outs follows Agents Jackson and Washington on their rounds as they root out illegal immigrants hiding in the nooks and crannies of our cities. A routine call of suspicious behavior turns into more than they bargained for and tough decisions about how to dispense justice.

    June - ROOFTOP
    Johnny Sanchez, a greasy, scumbag, prince of crime, is picking off rival dealers. Lionel Hamlin, perching on a rooftop to spy on him, is stranded. With Sanchez getting away, Lionel must figure out how to get off the roof without alerting anyone or getting killed.

    A man desires to overcome the restraint of his fears and embarks on a journey towards discovery through life, love, and self. Ljósið is an extraordinary performance piece of stunning emotion as two dancers explore the boundaries of loss, love, denial and acceptance.

    August – FAIL/SAFE
    A beautiful and mysterious woman infiltrates a notorious clan of gangsters to steal a priceless relic. Their fail safe system to retrieve her and the item crumbles as the henchmen turn against one another and abandon their loyalties to the alliance and to the Kingpin.

    September – THE LITTLE THINGS
    Girl meets Boy, breaks up with Boy, and finds Boy again, but is it a happy-ever-after? "The Little Things" follows Claire and Tom's relationship during and after college, questioning what constitutes a happy ending in contemporary romcoms.

  • One Minute Puberty

    Dir: Alexander Gellner / Germany / 2011

    Growing up and just over a minute.

  • The Black Hole

    Check out Phil's latest film, One Man's Loss at -

    Phil and Olly / UK / 2008

    Download the film here!

    A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him...

    See more from the directors at HSI London:


  • Valley Film Fest - The Octo Circus

    This little film is a spoof on society. It's jam-packed with props and gags. Just when you think you've heard and seen everything something extraordinary comes along. In difficult times, people need a good laugh and sometimes need to laugh at themselves. Clowns are people too. Look around you. They may not be wearing make-up but they're there in hospitals, on reality TV, sitting next to you on the bus and in traffic. HONK! HONK! We're all clowns and the whole world's our stage. Smile. : )

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