• Jairus, Devin, and Rhonda now live together. Nate shares some news. We meet Kara and Faith.

  • This Episode will put a smile on your face. As Rhonda visits her parents, she must choose what she wants. Nate tells Zain the truth about being in the closet to his folks. Jairus gets a call from a classmate.
  • Livin' N NoHo is an upcoming 6 episode comedy web series created by Derek Anthony-Ellis & Mike Gray.


    Keith Leak as "Kenneth"
    Mike Gray as "Mitch"
    Ernie Gonzalez as "Jesus"
    Sushana Watkis as "Stacie"
    Chelsea Gilson as "Mariah"

    Livin' N Noho is about the random misadventures of Mitch and Kenneth, two unrestrained and clamorous up & coming entertainers and their assortment of friends and enemies. They encounter various comedic/dramatic situations that lead them through an ambiguous exploration of responsibility and livelihood. From struggle to adversity, friends to property managers. These two guys have their hands full. All in the midst of achieving their dreams.
  • "All the breaks are off here." The' Denny House has been A party bungalow since the late 1970's - Located on the NOHO/Burbank boarder just outside of Hollywood -- A brief history on the house & MANY friends that contributed to... The Boob Wall Documentary filmed & edited by Nate Olson - Additional photo's by Jamie Button & Jon Zitzman

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