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  • "Siphoned" - Short Film

    Two struggling Hollywood actors, in response to record-high California gas prices, decide they are going to siphon gas from their neighbors so they can travel to auditions for pilot season.

    But when one of the guys gets greedy and arranges a deal with a shady Mexican smuggler in the parking lot of Home Depot, it sets off a chain of events and everyone involved is forced to face the disastrous consequences.


  • ***EMX Presents: NoHo ArtWalk (3rd Thursdays)_video2***

    *** 3RD THURSDAYS ***
    NoHo ArtWalk @ NoHo Plaza
    (5223 Lankershim Blvd)
    ::: 20 x VISUAL ARTISTS :::
    ::: 4 x PERFORMERS :::
    Thank you to the organizations that help to make the NoHo ArtWalk happen on the 3rd Thursday of every month @ NoHo Plaza!
    NoHo Business Improvement District
    NoHo ArtsDistrict.com
    Electronic Music Alliance
    If you would like to showcase your VISUAL ART please complete our Visual Artist Application:
    If you would like to PERFORM please complete our
    Performer Application:
    If you would like to become a VENDOR please complete the
    Vendor Application:
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  • 52 Films/52 Weeks: I Love Television

    4 of 52 Films/52 Weeks.
    A young woman explains her passion for Television to an unsuspecting cable guy.
    Three Filmmakers, Two Guest Directors, One Goal, 52 Three Minute Films in 52 weeks.

  • Best Rare Whiskey Bars in LA

    Hello whiskey lover, this list is for you! Those of us who prefer dark liquor usually also prefer to drink it in dark bars, replete with leather booths and the faint hint of cigar smoke. Nationally renowned cocktail expert Caroline on Crack reveals where to find rare whiskey and classic vibes in Los Angeles. 

    Pin these places to your profile map and the only question you will have to answer next time you're looking for the perfect whiskey-sipping spot is: neat or on the rocks. 

  • CAR vs. METRO - NoHo to Santa Monica

    On an overcast morning, Mohammed Alhassan met me at the North Hollywood Metro station. Because of the recent expansion of the Metro Expo Line that extends from Los Angeles all the way to Santa Monica, I proposed a challenge to my friend Mohammad: Car vs. Metro. Who would get from NoHo to Santa Monica first: Mohammed in his car or me on the train? After some friendly trash talk, Mohammad got in his car and I went down to the North Hollywood station.

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  • Confidence - Chris Brown | @alvin_de_castro choreography | Dance Class

    Looks like the new @chrisbrownofficial album "Heartbreak on a Full Moon" is going to be awesome! Vibin' out to "Confidence" in dance class at Basement of NoHo! Follow me for class info =)

    Choreography by @alvin_de_castro
    Filmed by @alexnlaya

    #MSAfam | Bookings: www.msaagency.com/alvindecastro

    Song: "Confidence" by Chris Brown
  • Dogs and Cats Steal Shakespeare Roles...Actors Furious!

    Make your tax deductible donation at http://antaeus.org

    It's that time of year at the Antaeus Company. We need your help to keep top-notch theater alive before we're forced to resort to cheap marketing gimmicks like cute dogs and cats! Really... their acting is atrocious.

    No amount is too small for our heartfelt appreciation! Tax deductible contributions to Antaeus may be made by cash, check, credit card, or through gifts of stock.

    Make a secure online donation by clicking the DONATE NOW button on our website ( http://antaeus.org ) or mail your check to
    The Antaeus Company - 5114 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601

    For more information about charitable giving at Antaeus Company, including tributes and memorials, please email courtney@antaeus.org or call at 818.506.5436.

    Shot by Adrianna Torres
    Gaffer - Shannan Leigh Reeve
    Music by Geoff Mann
    Editing by Rob Schultz
    Written and Directed by Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine

    Gregory Itzin and Piney
    Ramon de Ocampo and Watson
    Anne Gee Byrd and Lizzy
    Rhonda Aldrich and Dash
    Karen Bankhead and Destiny
    Daniel Bess and Merl
    Bill Brochtrup
    Rob Nagle and Roosevelt of RooTube http://bit.ly/1zZiZwR
    John Sloan
    Robert Pine and Marty
    Kitty Swink
    Armin Shimerman and Watson
    John Allee
    Alexandra Goodman
    Elizabeth Swain
    Jill Maglione and Elle
    Drew Doyle and Flynn
    Sally Hughes and Watson of http://bit.ly/1wzP3Gx

  • If Cities Were Your Boyfriend

    “Yeah…this isn’t going to work out.”

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    Los Angeles: Ben Bateman

    Miami: Luis Lucas

    Portland: Eli Weinberg

    Chicago: Gary Curtis

    Las Vegas: Nick Wells

    Laura Juilly

    India Collins

    Marcella Di Pasquale
    Kimberly Ryans

    Here Comes Trouble
    Enchanted Forest
    Licensed via Audio Network.

    SFX provided by Audioblocks. 


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  • L.A. Now and Then - A Musical | LACC Theatre Academy

    L.A. Now And Then - A New Musical Revue! Directed by Bruce Kimmel, Choreography by Cheryl Baxter-Ratliff, Musical Director Richard Allen. • May 13 to the 21st. - www.TheatreAcademy.lacitycollege.edu


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    Tumblr: http://juliansphotojournal.tumblr.com

    Thanks for watching.

  • L.AIR

    Chance encounters. Missed Connections. Red lights. Too many cars. Sunday mornings. Golden Sunsets. Los Angeles is magical.L.AIR takes you on a quick aerial journey around downtown Los Angeles and its surroundings, showing off the city's beautiful skyline with a focus on the vastness that surrounds it. All footage was captured by drone over the past months.Shot and Edited by Franck TabouringMusic Licensed through The Music Bedwww.openvalvestudios.comwww.francktabouring.comA note about my 'Drone Code' - Safety and security should always come first, no matter what! Don't exceed the 400ft height limit legally set by the FAA. Scout and scan your environment and the sky before taking off. Always yield to other aircraft in the vicinity. Respect privacy and stay away from no-fly zones. Be alert, and please don't go rogue.

  • NKLA [No-Kill Los Angeles] Anthem

    In Los Angeles, more than 9,000 dogs and cats were killed in shelters last year. We believe that number should be zero. We believe we can save them all. Join us to help turn L.A. into NKLA. http://nkla.org/

  • NoHo Arts District

    Video shot of different areas in the NoHo Arts District. Street are from some well known artists including Levi Ponce. Video Shot on iPhone 7 Plus and edited with Final Cut Pro.
  • Nothing in Los Angeles - Official Trailer (HD)

    A story about an aspiring artist who's romantically involved with an older woman and soon falls in love with his best friend's wife.

    Check out the website here: http://www.nothinginlosangeles.com/
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    Buy the soundtrack here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id722394570?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

  • Shit People From The Valley Say - Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley

    The Valley a Metaphor for COMPROMISE
    You're from THE VALLEY... It's okay.
    Do you wonder why when you ask someone if they're from The Valley they feel the need to justify living there.
    Me on facebook:

    Twitter: @JustinROCTweets
    Yes, I made one of these videos and I love doing it. you should make one.

    Part of the many other Shit X Says videos. Here are some recommended ones:

    Shit Black Girls Say
    Shit Asian Girls Say
    Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls
    Shit Latinos Say
    Shit Wookies Say
    Shit Dudes Say
    Shit Gay Guys Say

    She's in porn.
    She's in porn.
    She's in porn.

  • Some NoHo Love

    We made a stop in NOHO this week! Everyone was so much fun!

    The song choice for this video was deliberate. With a lot of negative going on in the world- please take the time to still recognize the good all around us. We are all unique and special in our own way- let's keep striving to make this world wonderful... or I should say even more wonderful.

    Keep being awesome!
    HERE I AM!

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  • The L.A. Rap (North Hollywood) ft. Ken Dubois

    “The NoHoes” explain why North Hollywood is the best place to live in Los Angeles. Ft. Ken Dubois from “The Divergent Series”.
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    For a FREE download of the song, click here: https://soundcloud.com/thenohoes/the-...

    **North Hollywood + 2 Girls = The NoHoes**

    Ways to find us on social media:
    Instagram – laurenzray & shiittyservice
    Twitter - @laurenzray & @thenohoes

    The L.A. Rap (North Hollywood) ft. Ken Dubois CC
    Lyrics by Lauren Z. Ray
    Music by LUKAS
    Performed by “The NoHoes”

    Hello you gangsters out there.
    It’s Lauren.
    And Elyssa.
    We got something to share.

    We are “The NoHoes”!
    That’s right.
    We live in North Hollywood!
    That’s tight.
    I know.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.
    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    Hey, my name is Ken
    Gotta say NoHo da best again.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    You thinkin Warner Brothers?
    No, that’s in Burbank.
    You thinkin Bob’s Big Boy.
    No, that’s Toluca Lake!

    You think we Van Nuys?
    That’s just a place to get a car
    But that Hollywood sign ain’t far…
    We up North BITCH!

    See this homeless man right there?
    That’s just some guy with the NoHo Flair.
    You see this freakin’ taco stand?
    They delicious, best in lala land!

    Hold up!
    – Did you just hear that gunshot Elyssa?
    Yes I did Lauren.
    You know

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    Yeah, I play Tom in Allegiant
    That Divergent Series paid my year’s rent.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    You thinkin Weezer’s Beverly Hills?
    Nah, that’s just a place to get addicted to pills.
    You think you gonna see the beach?
    Ha! That’s Santa Monica, you lil’ bitch.

    Downtown L.A. is what you say?
    That’s where the business folks like to stay.
    West Hollywood now that sounds right?
    Nah, that’ll give Donald Trump a fright.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    In NoHo you see police 24/7
    Them helicopters go right in heaven.
    You’ll hear all that screaming too.
    That ain’t nothing be afraid of boo.

    What - You think we Studio City?
    Guys in fedoras with big ol’ titties.
    Silver Lake, now thats a joke?
    That’s for Hipsters who like to smoke!

    Sherman Oaks can suck a dick
    That’s a place to see a chick flick.
    What about Glendale, a nice view
    Yeah of 50 white damn BMWs.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    Yeah we’re in the valley
    The most smog inhaled up in Cali.
    We really love it here though bro
    Cuz’ coke is our 1 and only snow.

    Rent in NoHo isn’t too lousy
    And sometimes at parties you feel drowsy!
    The Federal now that’s our landmark
    In NoHo we call this a park.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    To a tolerable degree,
    NoHo is da best place to be.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood!
    It’s kinda tight.

    Compton can have all that crazy
    We just dirty dancing like Patrick Swayze.
    Ok so Venice won’t make you yawn.
    But in NoHo everyone answers to Juan.
    Hola Juan!

    Because we North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood.
    It’s kinda tight.

    I said North Hollywood.
    Get it right.
    North Hollywood.
    It’s kinda tight.

    I got my NoHo Elyssa right here
    Homie Lauren , a regular Shakespeare.
    We “The NoHoes” and we live
    in North Hollywood!
    Ya dig???

    You better listen cuz I’m Asian
    We smarter than Caucasians
    We ain’t known for tax evasion
    So get wit it, this equation.

    Ken! We’re done.
    You can go home now.
  • The Lalas Promo Reel, Los Angeles' Hottest Burlesque Show: TheLalas.com

    The Lalas burlesque show, created by celebrity choreographer - Erin Lamont. The Lalas tour the globe performing custom, comedic, audience interactive shows. From casinos to theatres, private events, to red carpet premieres. www.thelalas.com

    The M&M Group
    Web: www.mm-group.org
    Address: 16872 Bolsa Chica Street, Suite 204;
    Huntington Beach CA 92649

    Instagram: TheLalas
    Youtube: TheLalas
    Facebook: TheLalasBurlesque
    Twitter: The_Lalas

  • The Road Theatre Summer Playwrights Festival 7 Trailer

    Join the Road Theatre Company for our seventh annual week-long festival of staged readings July 31-August 7! Thirty-eight brand new plays submitted from playwrights all over the world will be performed at both of our venues in North Hollywood, California. For more information, visit http://www.roadtheatre.org/.

    The Road Theatre Company
    5108 Lankershim Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91601

    The Road Theatre Company
    10747 W Magnolia Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA 91601

    Trailer Director and Cinematographer: Kathryn Sampson Haugh
    Trailer Editor: Mallory Erwin
    Music credit: "Inspiring Piano" by pianorock on AudioJungle
  • Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2017

    Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles is going down again this year! March 26, 2017- 11 am- 7 pm. You wont want to miss it! Come join this vegan foodies dream with bite-size and full-sized portions for as little as $4 and no entrance fee.

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