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    Bossa Brazil
    Clumsy Cat
    When We Dance
    Moonshine Molly
    Walkin’ My Baby
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  • A sketch on how Lauren & Elyssa reunited after High School...How did it happen?!? Where did the name "NoHoes" com from?!?
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    Meet The NoHoes!!
    Lauren is Upbeat and Fun and loves fashion!
    Elyssa is Laid Back and Bored and a Hippie.
    Watch these long-time friends and roommates interact and see just how "opposites attract".

    From Indiana to California, you can't break up these two girls' friendship! Watch them live as roommates in North Hollywood, CA.

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    Instagram - thenohoes
    Twitter - @thenohoes
  • "All the breaks are off here." The' Denny House has been A party bungalow since the late 1970's - Located on the NOHO/Burbank boarder just outside of Hollywood -- A brief history on the house & MANY friends that contributed to... The Boob Wall Documentary filmed & edited by Nate Olson - Additional photo's by Jamie Button & Jon Zitzman

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