• DJ Ja Boy (Recognize) - Alekz Samone

    Recognize - Dancer/ Choreographer Alekz Samone

    - Originally from Texas but he is now in California doing his #thang! Recently, Mr. Samone could have been spotted along the side of Big Sean as one of his on-stage dancers at the B.E.T. Awards!!! This guy can really move!

    Thank you, again, so much for this video of you performing in my shirt! This literally made my day.

    Soundtrack: "Black Sweat" by Prince
    Location: The Basement of Noho | North Hollywood, CA
    Film Producer: MyTypoLife
    Choreography by: Tevyn Cole

  • Flirting: 50's vs NOW

    Wassup witcho booty!

    -Watch My Previous Video:
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