• Two struggling Hollywood actors, in response to record-high California gas prices, decide they are going to siphon gas from their neighbors so they can travel to auditions for pilot season.

    But when one of the guys gets greedy and arranges a deal with a shady Mexican smuggler in the parking lot of Home Depot, it sets off a chain of events and everyone involved is forced to face the disastrous consequences.

  • 24 of 52 Films.
    Adults playing children; a group of kids welcome a newcomer to their neighbourhood.
    Three Filmmakers, two guest Directors, one Goal, 52 three minute films in 52 weeks.

  • A clinical psychologist explains the psychological aspects of auditioning. He uses an example of a particular performer that experienced the transferational relationship between the auditioning process and the audience, and how it relates to how one grew up. For instance, a performer who had judgmental parents growing up may experience the same anxiety, unconsciously during the auditioning process. Click on the video to find out how he was able to turn his anxiety during the auditioning process into a positive and successful experience.

  • Preview of Larry Cedar's performance of his one-man original stage adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's classic novel, Notes From the Underground at The Sherry Theater

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