Today we spoke with Giovanni Marcantoni, co-founder of United Social Sports. With more than 2,500 bocce ball players in Baltimore Maryland, United Social Sports decided to start a Bocce league at North Hollywood Park. Many of us played bocce in our backyards with our families. Now Bocce has become extremely popular throughout the world. It is a very unique game in which everyone could play no matter their age, gender or athletic ability. And now we have Bocce right in our very own big backyard, North Hollywood Park!

A profile on Zombie Joe of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group

“I'll say it was creepy, funny, silly, occasionally pretty gross- and at points, pretty terrifying.” “Blood, guts, zombies...what's not to like?” “When the room goes pitch black, you can't hear anything but your heart racing in anticipation of the next horrifying scene.”

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