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Sleep & Health

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The path to health and wellness has to do with way more than just pumping iron and running on the treadmill.

Fitness is just a piece of the health puzzle. During the time we spend exercising, we actually tear down our muscle cells and put our bodies in a state of recovery. The recovery and rebuilding of our bodies takes place after our workout through our diet (of course) and our rest. As we already know, nutrition is the most important factor in our health. However, many exercisers do not fully understand the significance of rest and how crucial it is to our overall health. In this article, we will look at SLEEP and see just how much of a difference it can make for us as we look forward to a healthy future.

What is better than a good night of sleep? Waking up from sufficient sleep seems as if we are set up for a day of positivity. On the other hand, not getting enough sleep leads to sure crankiness and a quick-to-anger attitude. Maybe you’ve been called “lazy” for getting too much sleep. We have all at least heard something about what we should do when it comes to sleep, but what do scientific studies say about it? Well, for starters, the recommended number of hours of sleep per night is 7 to 9. While many of us are already aware of that number, I would argue that most do not know the full importance of the time under rest and why 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night is recommended.

 Let’s first consider the effect of sleep on our brain.

Memory and learning are both positively affected by sleep. Harvard studies showed that people who sleep after learning perform better on tests. According to Reverie Sleep, when it comes to the mind, sleep is just as important as food. When we don’t get enough sleep, we are not able to think as clearly or effectively which may result in irritability, mood swings, and a lack of concentration. We’ve all been there before! When it comes to our weight, there is a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Not getting enough sleep over time can cause weight gain from a slowed metabolism due to the way our bodies store and process carbohydrates. The human heart can also be negatively affected by unhealthy sleep patterns. Stress, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats can all result from sleep disorder. On the bright side, sufficient sleep allows our body to recover from our day and rebuild to be stronger for the days to come. Sufficient sleep strengthens our immune system and allows us to fight sickness and disease more efficiently.

In conclusion, sleep is imperative to our health and well-being. I strongly recommend doing whatever is needed in order to get your 7 hours in each night. For those who claim to have an excuse for why it’s not possible, my response is where there is a will, there is a way. The role in which sleep plays in our lives is way bigger than we may perceive. If we really think about it, about one-third of our time here on Earth will be spent sleeping. I encourage my exercisers out there to keep up the hard work in the gym, and stay healthy in the kitchen. But don’t forget to rest and the importance of it! We can be sure that sleep has a designed purpose in our lives because we literally cannot live without it.

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Connor Coman

Connor Coman works as a certified personal trainer in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. His training experience stems from a background in competitive gymnastics, track & field, and collegiate baseball. 

Learning from trainers and coaches since a young age, Coman's daily life became influenced by structured nutrition and exercise regimens at the age of 15. When competitive sports came to an end after studying nutrition & exercise science at Queens College in New York, Coman continued the path of health and wellness by becoming a certified personal trainer.

After months of training in New York, he switched coasts and began personal training at Golds Gym Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. In his fifth month, he was named Personal Trainer of the Month. Coman spent a year training a wide range of clientele at Golds Gym before being inspired to start his own personal training business.

Today, he trains mostly out of Ultra Body Fitness, an exclusive private training gym in Hollywood. Focusing on weight training in the gym, his client list includes both men and women, celebrity, and elderly. Coman continues to learn as he, himself, has a personal trainer, Charles Glass. Glass is known as the "Godfather" of personal training. 

Coman believes that there is one common goal among exercisers and that is "to lose body fat." He states that this can be done by first "making a true commitment to oneself to take the necessary steps in order to gain control of one's physical health." Those steps include "cardiovascular training, resistance training, and above all, proper nutrition."

Coman has recently found a new passion in writing and acting. He now uses his background, knowledge, and experience in the field of training to stay sharp on his path towards his goals in the entertainment industry.

Twitter: @Connorcoman


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