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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 02:20

Give to Life

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Give to Life

At this very moment, billions of human beings move through this extraordinary phenomenon of existence, each navigating a unique expression of what we call Life.

Each of us continues to exercise the creative power that lies deep within ourselves. Day by day, we bring light into physical form through our intentions, thoughts, words, and actions. This manifestation process allows us the ability to call the life of our dreams into fruition. However, we all know that we will not be here forever. In our limited span of years on this planet, each of us desires to experience the fulfilling joy that life has to offer. So, how do we experience as much of life’s joy with the time we are here? In this article, we will discuss a fundamental key that, if worked on, can result in a significant transformation in one’s life.

And the key is: GIVE

Giving is what life is all about. It can be done anywhere at any time. It’s the Golden Rule. Treat others the way we want to be treated. Generosity is a core value of most religions, schools, and families around the world. Giving, in this sense, does not necessarily mean offering a material thing. We can give a hug, advice, laughter, labor, assistance, art, direction, compliments and so on. There is a reason we feel so happy when we make someone smile. Consider this; science proves we are all connected. We are made up of the same fabric of existence, originating from the same source. We are all one, and when we give to another, we are actually giving to ourselves. There is a oneness to this life that can be observed in any moment. We all breathe the same air and need water to survive. We all live on the same planet in the same solar system in the same universe. The oneness is here among us, right now. It all sounds so easy and seems so simple, but then why don’t we do it?

How can such a powerful, positive message be so quickly disregarded?

The mistreatment of others, which is commonly led by a “me-first” mentality, often leads to circumstances of turmoil. This can be observed on an individual as well as a global level. There are countless similarities and chords that exist between each and every human being, but for some reason, we still live in separation. This perception stems from the pursuit of external power and the failure to recognize the connection between all of life. No one is perfect as we are all guilty of becoming wrapped up and distracted with worldly conditions and caring only about one’s own circumstances. Most of us believe and act as if we are separate from each other and from life itself. This is a huge limiting belief that must first be identified in one’s own awareness and then consciously released. The letting go of this belief in one’s mind will allow for the growing of a deep, passionate desire to give. At the end of the day, we are all human beings, and being human is all that we really know.

If we look closely, we may see that giving is occurring all around us. In schools, teachers give education. Medical professionals give health. Sports and the Arts give entertainment to the world. Churches give faith to seekers of purpose. Instances of giving can be observed at all times. In this very moment, Mother Nature gives the most graceful gift by breathing life into us. It is always happening. In return, the question we must begin asking ourselves as we continue to go on with our lives is “How can I be of service to others and to the world?”

Every breath we take is a gift from life, and in turn, we ourselves must give back to life. In a world of duality, we must be able to give in order to receive. The practical ways of giving are endless, but true giving comes from an open heart. If we give only to receive something in return, there is no point. No, we must treat others the way we wish to be treated. At the depth of our being, we all know we are One. As we relinquish our minds of any limiting beliefs of separation, the rise of compassion will begin.

It is no secret that at this time in history, the need for compassion is exponential.

The change that we seek starts with us right here in this moment. Before considering our personal desires, let’s recognize those around us as our brothers and sisters. Let’s find a way to use our gifts in order to serve them and the world. Good intentions, positive thoughts, loving words, and supportive actions will breathe a new sense of being into this world. It is always the right time to give to life in the way we want life to give to us. What better way to get started than with those around us who we share this life with every day?!

It is time to open our hearts to each other and freely give Love in any form or expression under the sun.

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Connor Coman

Connor Coman works as a certified personal trainer in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. His training experience stems from a background in competitive gymnastics, track & field, and collegiate baseball. 

Learning from trainers and coaches since a young age, Coman's daily life became influenced by structured nutrition and exercise regimens at the age of 15. When competitive sports came to an end after studying nutrition & exercise science at Queens College in New York, Coman continued the path of health and wellness by becoming a certified personal trainer.

After months of training in New York, he switched coasts and began personal training at Golds Gym Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. In his fifth month, he was named Personal Trainer of the Month. Coman spent a year training a wide range of clientele at Golds Gym before being inspired to start his own personal training business.

Today, he trains mostly out of Ultra Body Fitness, an exclusive private training gym in Hollywood. Focusing on weight training in the gym, his client list includes both men and women, celebrity, and elderly. Coman continues to learn as he, himself, has a personal trainer, Charles Glass. Glass is known as the "Godfather" of personal training. 

Coman believes that there is one common goal among exercisers and that is "to lose body fat." He states that this can be done by first "making a true commitment to oneself to take the necessary steps in order to gain control of one's physical health." Those steps include "cardiovascular training, resistance training, and above all, proper nutrition."

Coman has recently found a new passion in writing and acting. He now uses his background, knowledge, and experience in the field of training to stay sharp on his path towards his goals in the entertainment industry.

Twitter: @Connorcoman


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