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Thursday, 25 May 2017 04:19

The Importance of Hydration

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The Importance of Hydration

In today’s world of busy schedules and fast pace behavior, it becomes very easy to forget about a simple, yet significant aspect of our health.

We are talking about hydration or our intake of water.  Many of us are not educated on the daily recommendations for water intake. According to the Institute of Medicine, an adequate intake for men is about 13 cups (3 liters) per day. For women, adequate intake is about 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day. A five-year study on overall water consumption, from French and American researchers, showed that more than 4 in 10 Americans don’t drink enough water. Seeing these numbers, how many of us can honestly say that we meet the daily recommendations on a regular basis? Just how important is it to be adequately hydrated? Well, let’s take a look at a few ideas that may raise awareness on the matter!

It is no secret that water is a vital source of life. We observe this phenomenon among plants, animals, and of course, us human beings. For our gardens to grow, we must water the soil. When we are physically ill, one of the first things we are told is to drink plenty of fluids. Human beings are thought to be able to live only a week or so without drinking water. According to the USGS Water Science School, 71 percent of planet Earth’s surface is water-covered. The Water Information Program reports that the human body is over 60 percent water. How amazing is that? Over half of our being is just water. Wait, there’s more. Our blood is 92 percent water, brain and muscles 75 percent, and our bones 22 percent. Think about that for a second. We are beings made of water on a planet covered by water. One perspective that can be considered is that “We are Water.” Not that the body is like a fish tank holding water, but that the fabric of the body itself (from our skin to our cells) is water. With that outlook, the importance of daily water consumption becomes obvious.

Now, let’s look at the effect water has on the physical body specifically. The human body is always changing, and as a result, water loss is always occurring. If we do not replenish the water, negative symptoms occur. We have all experienced the dreadful sensations of dehydration. After a long enough period without drinking water, on come the feelings of sluggishness and fatigue. As mentioned, dehydration can be a life-threatening state. Failing to meet adequate water intake may result in dry skin, muscle cramps, and low blood pressure. On the other hand, we are also familiar with the rejuvenating, vitalizing feelings that come from a much-needed glass of water. There are just so many benefits of being hydrated. When we are consuming enough water on a daily basis, we may see healthier skin, feel more energetic, and maintain proper body weight. Staying hydrated slows the aging process and speeds up joint repair. When it comes to the human body, water is life!

In conclusion, staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. For obvious reasons, we should always be focused on and aware of our water consumption. Why not experiment with it? Let’s commit to meeting the recommended daily intake (13 cups for men/9 cups for women) everyday for three weeks. Increasing water intake can only be beneficial in every area of our lives. And when we forget that we are beings of water, living on a planet of water, let’s remind ourselves of what falls from the sky every so often. How fascinating that what we need most in order to survive literally falls from above. What a metaphor!

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Connor Coman

Connor Coman works as a certified personal trainer in the Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. His training experience stems from a background in competitive gymnastics, track & field, and collegiate baseball. 

Learning from trainers and coaches since a young age, Coman's daily life became influenced by structured nutrition and exercise regimens at the age of 15. When competitive sports came to an end after studying nutrition & exercise science at Queens College in New York, Coman continued the path of health and wellness by becoming a certified personal trainer.

After months of training in New York, he switched coasts and began personal training at Golds Gym Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. In his fifth month, he was named Personal Trainer of the Month. Coman spent a year training a wide range of clientele at Golds Gym before being inspired to start his own personal training business.

Today, he trains mostly out of Ultra Body Fitness, an exclusive private training gym in Hollywood. Focusing on weight training in the gym, his client list includes both men and women, celebrity, and elderly. Coman continues to learn as he, himself, has a personal trainer, Charles Glass. Glass is known as the "Godfather" of personal training. 

Coman believes that there is one common goal among exercisers and that is "to lose body fat." He states that this can be done by first "making a true commitment to oneself to take the necessary steps in order to gain control of one's physical health." Those steps include "cardiovascular training, resistance training, and above all, proper nutrition."

Coman has recently found a new passion in writing and acting. He now uses his background, knowledge, and experience in the field of training to stay sharp on his path towards his goals in the entertainment industry.

Twitter: @Connorcoman


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