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Tuesday, 11 September 2018 05:10

The Future of Rescue

Written by Bethany Wilson
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The potential new wave of adopting dogs from rescues with training is upon us! 

Let me clarify training.  I don’t just mean sit, down, stay, place and come (although very valuable).  Most of the dogs that I work with know all of their basic obedience, just not when it matters.  They don’t know what sit means when that neighborhood dog walks by and barks or when a squirrel taunts them from a tree.  That stay goes out the window in a hurry when company comes or the mail carrier rings the doorbell to have you sign for a package.   

This is a regular problem with rescues and because they can not offer help with the behavioral side of the coin, dogs often come in and go out like a revolving door, over and over.  Often the adopters are blamed, shamed and made to feel less because of it and that is such a sad and narrow view of the real problem.

 So how do we offer more?   

1.  Group obedience classes?  That’s often being done and because it is optional it is rarely used.  Even if it is used it is usually basic obedience with food and maybe some leash guidance.  

2.  A packet of information on how to start your journey at home with your dog?  That’s often being done and is rarely read or taken seriously.  Even if it is read and gives you a great jumping off point, that packet doesn’t tell you how to keep your dog from fence fighting with the neighbor dogs. 

3.  A trainer’s business card because you know they will need help?  Often done!  The problem is people wait until their dog has attacked their cat to even consider it. 

So what to do... 

Enter in a new type of rescue that offers training and advice on not only basic obedience but behavioral issues.  Most importantly preventing behavioral issues and setting up families to be better prepared.  A rescue that works with outside clients on dog training as well as spending every spare moment of their time-saving lives, specifically pitties, was a blessing for me to find.  I met one of their trainers at a seminar and what they are doing is a direction all rescues need to start to head.  This rescue just opened up a new location and is crushing it in the dog and potential adopter relationship world.  If anyone would like to learn more about them they are Reversed Rescue in downtown Los Angeles.  They are very active on instagram @reversedrescue.  I can only hope other rescues learn from them and follow suit.  

-Bethany Wilson

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