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Keeping Your Dog/Cat Safe and Happy during Christmas!

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Keeping Your Dog/Cat Safe and Happy during Christmas!

Holidays are here soon and you want to make sure your Fur Baby has a good time and is not harmed by all the festivities. 

Keep your pet away from these items to ensure there are no unplanned trips to the vet: 

- Secure the tree to the wall 

- Tree water has bacteria

- Mistletoe, Holly, tinsel and tree ornaments are poisonous

- Lights, wires, batteries and unattended candles can burn

- Guests should not leave alcoholic beverages unattended

- No human food treats as well as bones

- Keep stockings out of reach of pets who love chocolate

- Rethink Christmas gifts under the tree - they can choke on ribbon 


Holidays bring stress to animals as well as humans.  It's not easy for pets to have strangers coming in your house.

Try these stress reduction techniques: 

- Exercise pet as close to the time you have a guest coming over which will help reduce any anxiety. 

- Keep pet on a leash when making introductions. 

- Ask guests not to pet your dog and avoid giving them any human food as a treat. 

- Give pet his/her own quiet space while the festivities are happening...fresh water and a blanket/bed. 

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to your two-legged and four-legged family members

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