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Friday, 18 August 2017 04:07

Jail People Who Mistreat Animals?

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Should There Be Jail for People Who Mistreat Animals?

After seeing the video below, the kind of physical and emotional abuse it shows should put that abuser behind bars. I don’t mean not having great food and plenty of toys. Personally, I think the abuser should receive the same abusive treatment in jail that he did to the dog.

This video broke my heart but it was a good reminder of what monsters some humans can be to innocent animals.

They say charity begins at home but learning how to treat animals begins with children.

Teach your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbor’s kids how to care, protect and love their pet. A great way to ensure a love for animals is to have them volunteer with a rescue group or at a local shelter, they will be able to see first hand what cruelty animals are subjected to by humans. They will also learn how loving humans can restore an animal back to health and how animals can forgive and learn to trust/love again. I know many humans who have a harder time at forgiving than any animal!

Today, please contact your local animal rights or rescue group to lend a hand…they need donations and your volunteer time for a variety of things. Thanks for listening and hopefully, get you stirred up to contact one of the below organizations or any reputable animal rights organization, 



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