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Whole for the Holidays

by Luckie
Monday, 30 November 2015 05:11

‘Tis the Season To Be Thankful

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Countless families are cozying up in their decorated living rooms and kitchens, catching up and reflecting back on 2015. If you’re like my family, you definitely had the TV on during the cooking and commotion to tune in to festivities happening all over town. My personal favorite was Fox’s Thanksgiving episode covering their annual All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration, hosted this year by Kaley Cuoco.

This year’s all-star organization was nonprofit, Dogs on Deployment.

[Courtesy of Dogs on Deployment]

Dogs on Deployment is a nonprofit that takes care of one very specific task that might not cross our minds as one of the duties at home during deployment: pet boarding. Pet boarding can be very expensive, and for active duty service members who are called to serve on deployment, costly additional expenses are the last thing they need to worry about. Thanks to the organization and their supporters, over 800 pets have went to loving foster homes while their owners were away. The episode featured the organization, military service members, and rescue dogs – it couldn’t have been more suiting and heartwarming for the Veterans Day and Thanksgiving season.

[Courtesy of Fox]

Did I mention that it was a full-blown, red carpet, star-studded event? Among celebrities Hilary Swank and Kathy Griffin were several other A-listers like Olivia Munn, Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus, Cesar Milan, Emmy Rossum and more.

Just when you thought you were maxed out on “aww”-ing, you were greeted with this adorable pup!

The rescue dogs were each announced by a celebrity guest encouraging viewers to adopt them, which as you can guess, wasn’t very hard – they were all so loving and adorable! Viewers had the opportunity to get all the information needed in order to adopt the pets in their local areas, as well as donate to a pet rescue organization via text message.

[Courtesy of Fox]

If you missed the show, don’t worry. All this information is still available to you. ‘Tis the season! You can adopt a rescue, or contact Dogs on Deployment to get involved. The show made us all that much more thankful and appreciative of the troops serving overseas, and made us hug our loved ones (two- and four-legged) a little tighter. Happy Holidays!

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Sarah Serrano

Sarah Serrano was born in Los Angeles California. She has lived in multiple states around the country and recently returned for good to the North Hollywood Arts District. She is a Marine Corps veteran currently working and training in the performing arts. Sarah’s passions include psychology, singing, acting, dancing, dogs (and pets of any kind), the military, fitness, writing, and small business. She is slowly but aggressively creating strong ties to her community, building rapport with local businesses and organizations by supporting and promoting what she believes in.

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