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Santa Clarita Diet: A Twisted Urban Sitcom We Have Been Waiting for

Written by Scott Levy
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Santa Clarita Diet is the Twisted Urban Sitcom We Have Been Waiting for

Santa Clarita Diet is a 10-part series new to Netflix.

The show is a delightful mix of a classic sitcom about marriage and a gruesome zombie horror flick. The show focuses on happily married Sheila and Joe, played by Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. The very first episode may shock you with the amount of gore shown, but don’t let it scare you away as these scenes always have a refreshing comical twist. Although this show will take some getting used to, it is fresh and has various punchlines that are hysterically funny.

Santa Clarita Diet was created by Victor Fresco who is known for Better Off Ted. The trailers show Sheila talking about the benefits of a brand new diet, saying how she is now able to satisfy all of her cravings at any time. What are these cravings you might ask? Humans!

Sheila is married to Joel and is both a mother and a realtor. In an unexpected twist, she becomes one of the undead, aka a zombie. Their quirky zombie obsessed teenage neighbor diagnoses her as “undead,” which was the result of a nasty bout of projectile vomiting. She is left with a taste for uncooked hamburger meat, no threshold for pain and absolutely no pulse.

The show is full of twists and turns.

Sheila likes being one of the undead. Her energy level goes through the roof, her sex drive takes on new dimensions and her life becomes filled with a new zest for living. The show demonstrates this beautifully by transitioning from a very muted color palette to vibrant colors that really pop.

The basis of the show is how Sheila's new status as a zombie affects her family, and how long this family can go on living a “normal life.” Sheila and Joe have one teenage daughter, Abby. The family is put to the test once they discover that Sheila’s cravings are no longer fulfilled by raw animal meat, and a new craving for human flesh takes over. This new appetite is discovered after she eats a rival realtor who she has disliked for a long time. After her first human meal her her voracious appetite for human flesh is hard to subdue.

The show takes on a bit of a dramatic flair once Sheila and Joel start discussing the best way to ethically murder someone, and who the best candidates would be. The characters definitely have the one-liners down to a fine art.

For anyone wanting to watch something fresh and full of excitement, drama, and laughs, this is the show to watch. The tolerance of the viewer is definitely tested in regards to projectile vomiting and cannibalism, but don't let a little gore chase you away from the one-of-a-kind sitcom.

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  • Comment Link Nachoo Dunne Monday, 03 April 2017 20:53 posted by Nachoo Dunne

    Have Drew call me. I know a guy. His twin brother was well marbled and perfectly lean. Whoops! Damn! There went my best typng fingr!
    PS. The SC is good pikngs in th fternoon but atnihht its so dead! Good lck wit the whole famly thig. €)-).


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