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Anarchy at the LA Coliseum

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Anarchy at the LA Coliseum

Los Angeles has a history of violence so long that it's become comedic fodder. In recent years, violent crime rates have improved, dipping below rates in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and New Orleans.

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Rams fans about this.

Violence before, during, and after sporting events is nothing new and certainly not limited to LA, but it's rarely a consistent problem following one team like it has so far this season with the Rams.

It started with the very first pre-season game held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, with numerous brawls breaking out around the stadium at various times. Not to be outdone, Chiefs fans fought with each other during the next pre-season game in LA. Chiefs fans brawling each other suggests the problem is something with the LA Coliseum rather than Rams fans, but when the Rams travelled a few hours north in Week 1, a fan ended up getting into a fight after the game.

The next incident gets even worse. During the first regular season home game, a Seahawks fan stops in the aisle to argue with a couple of Rams fans, then shoves a woman behind him that's trying to get back to her seat- right on top of a kid. This prompts a family member to start screaming and escort the kid out of the area while the two Rams fans start brawling with the Seahawks fan.

Well, they say the heat makes people crazy. Maybe we should forget it and move on.

And now we can't forget it because a fan got shoved down a few rows this past Sunday. With the high at a balmy 79 degrees that day, you can't blame this one on the heat, and once again many participants are wearing Rams jerseys.

This kind of conduct is inexplicable. 

There're a few possible contributing factors- the LA heat could have played a role in the first four incidents, fans could be over-drinking, or maybe in the last three incidents, the fans got too excited because of the heavy impact each NFL game has on a team's chances.

Of course, a 3-5 record doesn't help. Fans always want to see a win or a championship.  Right now the Rams are two and a half games out of the division lead, and during the last game fans were understandably heard chanting "We want Goff!" If your team's going to lose, might as well get your rookie QB some experience, right?

None of these are valid excuses. Fans simply need to stop brawling and act like adults.

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Scott Abernathy

Scott hails from Southern California where he graduated with a degree in Journalism. He just relocated from WeHo to NYC but misses L.A. already. When he is not writing about sports or watching games he can be found pretending to be a bouncer at various NY hot spots just so he can turn people away. Follow him on Twitter @slevy92 

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