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Friday, 15 March 2019 01:11

My top three design elements

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When designing a new space there are three main things I take into consideration. 

The first is the most obvious; space.  Secondly is the furniture, mainly the sofa.  And lastly, lighting.  All three are key components when you’re designing any space.  Let’s explore each one in a bit more depth.

1. The Space

The space.  It should be the first thing you think about when designing any room.  It dictates what you can do with your space.  It allows for how little or how much you can put into any room.  Planning is a key factor in design.  Map out your room.  Make careful measurements regarding the space and any furniture going in to create a cohesive plan.

2019 basic floor plan 1

2.  The Sofa

For some, the sofa is the most important item for a room as it can certainly be the most costly.  Typically it does take a large part of one’s budget.  I would definitely invest wisely when choosing one as it usually sets the design style and tone.  Find one that speaks to your design soul. The right lines, curves, legs, fabric and style leads you to the other supporting pieces of the space.  It starts the story.

sofa interiors

3.  Lighting

Lastly, the lighting.  It sets the mood and helps the ambiance.  But remember there are three types of lighting that most rooms need to be lit successfully. They are task, ambient and accent lighting.

2019 lighting 1

  1. Ambient lighting provides even, overall lighting for any room.
  2. Accent lighting is used to create various focal points.
  3. Task lighting is used in performing specific tasks such as on a desk, etc

2019 lighting accent

Once you’ve considered and planned out each of the above items, you’re on the way to a successfully designed space that you’ll hopefully enjoy for many years.


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Christopher Porikos

Christopher Porikos is an Interior Designer based in the Los Angeles area. He has a background in Retail Visual Merchandising and is educated in interior design. His love of design spans from traditional to contemporary and his style can be as eclectic or clean as the project requires. His unique eye for design comes from his lifelong interest in architecture, history, sketching, painting and the arts. www.christopherporikosdesign.com

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