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Tuesday, 22 May 2018 01:09

Five ways to update your guest bath.

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We’re all looking for cost-effective ways to update our homes. 

Materials and labor can be fairly expensive if we’re not careful. 

Listed below are five ways to create a new space without breaking the bank.

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  1. Toilets.  Many of us forget about buying a new toilet when renovating the guest bath.  We look at paint, paper, fixtures, etc.  But don’t overlook this piece.  With the many styles on the market today, it’s easy to enhance the space.  One main benefit to this is cost efficiency.  With rising utility costs, replacing the toilet with a low flow feature, which uses less water, will save you money each month.

  2. Countertops. The countertop is one of the first things someone notices in the bathroom.  And many times we think replacing old countertops is just too expensive.  But if you look around you can find a deal.  Many stone yards will have remnants or ‘left over’ pieces.  If you’re lucking enough to find a piece you like and will work in your design plan, then you’ve found yourself a deal.
  3. Mirrors.  This is a piece that can really wow your guests.  From sheer simplicity to over the top scrolls and carving, this can make or break your look.  Have fun with this piece.  Just make sure to keep it within the scale and proportion of the space.  You don’t want the vanity area to feel too top heavy.

  4. Hardware.  Replacing the faucet and towel bars can also make a huge impact.  No one wants to use old rusty fixtures. 

  5. Accessories.  One of the easiest ways to update any space is with accessories.  And the guest bath is no exception.  Adding a piece of art, new towels and even a few choice bath accessories will not only change the look but will change the way it feels.

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