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by NoHo - North Hollywood
Tuesday, 05 March 2013 01:45

Interior Design >> How to Design with One Color

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Many times in the past I’ve worked with clients who were really, really afraid of color.  They were secure using whites and beiges; hence white walls and beige carpet throughout the entire house.  For me, a little more interest is needed in the design scheme.  To solve that issue, I add textured fabrics to the plan.

To really achieve a cohesive design, you must first have a plan.  What color is right for you?  Once chosen it becomes the hue for the space.  From there you’ll want to take that color with various levels of white and even black to achieve a monochromatic color palette.  By this I mean you’ll be using lighter and darker shades of the main color.  I usually recommend adding highly textured fabrics to your space.   Using all solid, flat fabrics can cause the space to be dull and boring.  Textures will add life and visual interest.  These textures can be slubby linens, raw silks, woven baskets, shiny fabrics, etc.   Even paint can add interest.  So don’t be afraid to add a striped wall using the same color in a flat and eggshell finish.  Even metals, glass, crystal and plastic can be used to create visual interest providing they work with the scheme of things and don’t alter your plan.

Most important, remember to have a good plan before executing anything.


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