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Tuesday, 03 January 2017 04:12

Horoscopes - January 2017

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Free Horoscopes January 2017

Aries – (March 20 – April 18) You have a dynamic role in the world now, Aries. As Mars and Chiron join forces, you are called to activate planetary healing. Heed the call of your part of global evolution as a sacred warrior. Saturn sets the tone of your mission; remember to ask for help when you need it.   It may feel serious, but really, you can take this part in the Divine play with joy and passion.

Taurus – (April 19 – May 19) Tune into your longings and desires, Taurus. You need time to dream and just feel into what you want for the year ahead. Art and music feed your soul now; love and intimacy keeps you sane. There is a peculiar fated quality to your life so, although you like to be in the driver’s seat, this year emphasizes your partnership with Spirit. There will be times when it’s best to let go, and let God. 

Gemini – (May 20 – June 19) There will be many opportunities presented to you this year; some better than others.  Look for investment opportunities and other ways to maximize your earning potential.  Discernment is one of your key words for 2017; keep your options open, but be ready to take decisive action at a moment’s notice. Be cognizant when certain people try to suck the life blood out of you; your time is precious.

Cancer(June 20 – July 21) True, you’re a summer baby, but the Full Moon of January is in your sign, and it shines a clear Light on your year ahead. Your theme for the days to come is ‘Personal and Planetary Healing’. To successfully fulfill this high frequency role be sure to guard your own health and energy. You are being called to play a dynamic role as a mentor and guide for others, and a catalyst within your community.

Leo – (July 22 – August 21) Listen carefully to what people say, Leo. There are great insights available, and even a simple off-handed comment can hold a kernel of life changing wisdom for you. Take the nuggets and hammer them into a golden platter. Your life is enriched by rituals and ceremonies. The world longs for your gift of unconditional love at this time; and what you share of your time and energy will be returned tenfold.    

Virgo – (August 22 – September 21) It’s time to claim your exquisite freedom, but you must face Pluto, the fearsome ruler of the Underworld. Pluto demands an all or nothing decision – there is really no halfway position here. Put your hat in the ring, Virgo. Jupiter in your second house of earned income will stabilize your efforts. Yes, it’s frightening, and there will be some compromises required, but this is a great time to make your move. 

Libra – (September 22 – October 21) The Full Moon of January 12th ripens a vital point of activation for you, Libra. However, time is on your side. You’re in a bit of a perfect situation because actions taken by others will fulfill the changes you want to make in your own life. It’s likely that you’ll be dealing with beneficial modifications in your home or living situation. There will be some comings and goings over the next few months; take your cue from others. 

Scorpio – (October 22 – November 20) The New Year grants you a fresh start. Your work now comes through adapting to the transformation that has come. This is your time to name and define what you want for this year. Your intentions set forth a command to the Universe and words are your Divine manifestation tools. This is a special and protected time to apply everything you know to set the tone for an amazing year ahead. 

Sagittarius – (November 21– December 19) Saturn in your sign has a way of making things SO serious; however, simple joy is a force to be reckoned with. Let it seep into the edges of your consciousness until pure happiness becomes your daily companion. Spirit and matter are merging. Allow this love to strengthen your relationship with the Divine Feminine. Your life is enriched as you deepen your connection to the earth. 

Capricorn – (December 20 – January 18) With Pluto in your sign, and Jupiter and Uranus dynamically engaged there is simply no other alternative than to step up and take on a leadership role. You want it done right, and you have the skills to give wise counsel plus expertise. Plus, things can get messy if you don’t take immediate action. The Light is shining on YOU. Energetically, you’re on a roll, so, keep going, and shoot for the stars.

Aquarius – (January 19 – February 17) Venus engages your second house of earned income after the 3rd, and Mercury stations direct on January 8th. So, by mid-month, your financial picture is looking good. The secret to your money situation, dear Aquarius, is that you must honor the scientific part of your brain, plus activate the artistic part. Movement, color and sound all contribute to your earning capacity. Dance in some cash!

Pisces – (February 18 – March 19) There are two very different planetary combinations in your sign this month. Venus conjunct Neptune activates your soul mate connection, and Mars joined with Chiron ignites the protection of the Divine Feminine. This is a powerful way to begin the New Year. Thank you for your role of service.  As a compassionate earth healer, you are called to hold high frequency energy for all of the people.

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Maya White

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