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Very Independent Filmmaking - Inventing Yourself as a Filmmaker

by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Thursday, 12 January 2012 00:05


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It's everywhere! To your your right..straight ahead..and right behind you: Processed Foods. Cheap to manufacture, easy and quick and addictive to eat, but causing disease, depression and obesity like nobody's business. This year, make it a point to wean yourself down from so much of it and you'll look and feel awesome! Here's how:

Start off by choosing one day a week where you have absolutely no processed foods. Maybe it would be easier to do it on a weekend if you are less busy and stressed. Remember, only wholesome, natural foods with no extra additives, hormones, or ingredients you can't prounounce. At the end of day, make it a point to write down how you feel. More energy? More focused? Less heartburn?  Even the next morning make it a point to document how you feel when you wake up. More alert? More energized? Ready to seize the day?

After you wean yourself off of processed foods for one day completely for 4 weeks in a row, then try to add in another day of the week you will be processed foods free. Yep, that's two complete days per can do it! Keep you journal of how you feel each day. Also, be alert to how other things in your life might be changing. Are people around you treating you better? Are you more effective and efficient at work? Are you accomplishing more in your personal and professional life? Do you have a more positive attitude in general?

So while those pretzels or that burger slider might be calling your name, if it's your designated processed foods free day, resist and stick to the plan, and know that you are adding years to your life and giving your body what it expects anyway and what it was designed to digest.

Jack Witt

Lifestyle Fitness Coach

818-760-3891 Main

310-562-5629 Cell

Call or email me and mention you saw this article on and I will meet up with you for a complimentary 30 minute planning session where we will personalize a 3 month action plan for you to take charge of your health and fitness! You can ask questions, pick my brain, and I can let you know more about:

-The differences and benefits of Resistance/Weight Bearing Exercise vs. Cardio

-Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

-Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

-How to reduce Stressors that lead to Bad Habits

-When and how much to Exercise

-How many Daily Calories should you be Consuming and When

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Jack Witt

I'm a local Health and Fitness Coach and Active Travel Specialist. I've been kickin' around NoHo for years getting involved in our community and charity projects, helping people with their wellness goals, and organizing and leading active excursions throughout LA and the world. I love this community and really enjoy blogging about all the things we do together and tips to keep us fit!

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